We need more ‘real’ mamas


Remember when your mama used to say, “I’ll slap you into next week?”

She meant it, and the first time I ever heard it, I was convinced when the day was done.

Mamas in earlier days had little time for games and made no bones about it.

A young’un behaved or wished he had behaved.

When mama said “jump,” it was best for everyone in the room, including gran’pa, to jump and ask how high.

We all know when mama ain’t happy, no one is happy, including the innocent neighbors.

My mama used a limber switch as if it were a bullwhip. It even sounded like one as it swished through the air.

The finality of those “come to Jesus sessions” was bleeding markings on my skinny little legs and exposed back.

Today, it would be called child abuse.

Others did not see it that way. It was called application of discipline.

The meaning of words sure have changed over the years.

What was discipline then could easily be called child abuse today.

I quite often wonder if that has anything to do with a teenager armed with an assault rifle walking into a classroom and killing 19 elementary children and two teachers?

Sure, it does.

Many kids today have absolutely no chance whatsoever at life than the ones they gun down and murder in a classroom.

My mama later in life told me those switchings she gave me when I was growing up hurt her more than it hurt me.

That could have been debatable at the time it happened.

Still, I understood where she was coming from. She cared.

Many parents today try to care, but they never had the opportunity to learn from the proper teacher.

We live in a dangerous time and many among us are left to do the best they can do.

It is certainly a sad scene to have to see.

Looking back about mama slapping me into next week, I asked her years later, one time, if she could still do that.

It was a quick “yes.”

My response was, “Mama, get it done because if you slap me into next week it will be pay day, and I sure cold use the money.”

We live today in need — particularly in need of ol’-time mamas who knew what needed to be done and did it.

That is why we all love our mothers so much.


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