Vaccination should not be an issue


The verbal pros and cons of the COVID vaccination appear to me to be somewhat of a waste of time.

It is rather obvious the vaccinations have had a tremendous impact on the numbers.

They are on the decline and that goes for right here in Wayne County where they were some of the worst in the state at several points.

The biggest impact is the decline in deaths and a slow, but surely return to somewhat of a routine way of life.

I overheard a conversation the other day about a Raleigh restaurant that was requiring proof of the COVID vaccination for dine-in customers.

The consensus of the group was it was a health issue and none of the restaurant operator’s business.

I have had both of the Moderna shots — the first in January and the second in February.

Naturally, I do not carry the vaccination cards with me, but I did take a photo of the two and keep it if the need of proof arises.

I simply do not see it as a threat against anything if someone wants to see it before allowing me in their place of business.

It would be an inconvenience, but nothing to jerk my chain.

Every time we turn around it seems someone is whining about something that amounts to absolutely nothing.

One character even suggested it as something the government was doing as intelligence gathering to know who cooperates and who does not.

He compared it to gun control.

Yes, the federal government stepped in to help at a time when thousands were dying with nothing to prevent it in sight.

Is that not government responsibility?

Entering public school in the 1950’s first required a smallpox vaccination. It left a small scab on the arm and a lifetime scar.

I recall no one whining about that, but it should be called responsible government.

If we could learn to do a little more cooperating instead of sitting around whining about it, we would all be better off.

Hard times mean hard decisions have to be made.

Personally, prior to January when I got the first vaccination I did not feel comfortable anywhere.

The moment I got the second shot that changed and I was not only comfortable, but grateful as well.

No, I cannot say if the vaccination works or not, but I can say I was never a victim of the virus.

Wearing the mask is a different horse because on some it makes it difficult to breathe.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at


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