Unkept vacant lots still cause concern


Town of Mount Olive officials have started billing absentee property owners for lawn-cutting services.

At least 20 vacant weeded lots have been mowed and owners have been sent a bill for services rendered, according to Town Manager Jammie Royall. The average price is between $350 and $500, and includes a $250 administrative fee.

“Most of our residents take care of their own lawns, and the biggest problem we have is vacant weeded lots and the majority of them are owned by people who do not live here,” Royall said. “If we cut it, we will send the owner a bill and if it is not paid within a reasonable amount of time we will put a lien on the property and go from there.

“We will get our money one way or the other.”

The town can obtain restitution through either a lien or lottery winnings by the owner.


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