Tough, but memorable holiday


Many of you, like me, are missing a special person in your life this week.

And though it’s been a tough few days, I feel blessed.

Every morning when I wake up, I turn on my phone and see my mom’s picture.

“Good morning, mom,” I always say.

I know in my heart she’s saying “good morning” to me.

This past Sunday, I visited one of mom’s favorite restaurants and had a hearty lunch in her honor. I ate vegetables I normally don’t consume, but always remembered how good she said they tasted to her.

Honestly, they were pretty good.

While I ate, I observed families coming through the door.

An elderly couple walked past me.

The gentleman nodded.

“How are you, sir?” I asked.

He politely replied, “fine.”

The two sat down at a table near me.

Soon, a younger family made it to our side of the restaurant. Dressed in their Sunday finest, they gathered at a large table. The waitress took their drink orders and returned with booster seats for the younger kids.

The dad sat at the table with the youngest child.

The mom, with a toddler in tow, headed toward the buffet. I could hear her ask what the child wanted to eat. After some debate, they returned to the table.

Once the children were settled, the dad pecked the mom on the cheek and waited patiently for his turn at the buffet. Though the lines weren’t long, he took his time as the toddler constantly peeked to see what dad was putting on his plate.

I couldn’t help but smile.

The scene reminded me of times when my entire family ventured to the restaurant to celebrate holidays that we sometimes take for granted without even knowing it.

All holidays are special, but none are more sacred than Mother’s Day.

Moms do things behind the scenes and make sacrifices that we never know about. They carry an unconditional love no matter how many children they have because each one is special in their own way.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

I love you and miss you.


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