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The dedicated men and women of the U.S. Post Office for diligently delivering untold tons of kindling, bird cage liner and future compost in the form of political campaign mailers over the past few weeks.

The postal carriers in the new 13th Congressional District must be especially glad the primary is over.



The Biden administration for preventing new oil leases last week as Americans are paying record-high gasoline prices.

The Interior Department blamed a “lack of industry interest.” But Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski said that excuse “is nothing more than fantasy from an administration that shuns U.S. energy production.”

“I can say with full certainty,” she added, “… that Alaska’s industry does have interest” in those lease sales. … To claim otherwise is simply false, not to mention stunningly short-sighted.”



Republican Sen. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming for apologizing for telling the truth.

Speaking Saturday to graduates at the University of Wyoming, Sen. Lummis pointed out that truth is under attack, adding, “Even fundamental scientific truths, such as the existence of two sexes — male and female — are subject to challenge these days.”

By Monday she had already caved to leftist pressure and issued a mea culpa, saying, “[I]t was never my intention to make anyone feel unwelcome or disrespected.”

Apologizing only emboldens those who bully others into keeping quiet.



McDonald’s for announcing that it will sell all its restaurants in Russia.

As long as Russia is bombing civilian targets in Ukraine, American companies have a moral obligation not to pretend there is anything acceptable about those atrocities.



Officials at Kiel Middle School in Wisconsin for charging three students with “harassment” for not using a classmate’s “requested pronouns of ‘they’ and ‘them.’”

As reported by The College Fix (, “The mother of one of the students said she told Kiel Area School District officials ‘the use of the pronouns was confusing to her son,’ and as such she told him to call the classmate by [his or her] actual name. …”

“She asked ‘What did my son do? He’s a little boy. He told me that he was being charged with sexual harassment for not using the right pronouns.’”



Adm. Mike Gilday, the chief of naval operations, for issuing a new recommended reading list that omits the more divisive entries from last year’s list, entries that promoted modern gender politics and critical race theory.

For those who didn’t even know the Navy had a recommended reading list, I’m right there with you. But if the Navy is going to promote books, those books should help develop strong sailors, not social justice warriors.



Johns Hopkins University for hiring a professor who resigned from another school after promoting the term “minor-attracted person” because the more accurate word — pedophile — is “stigmatizing.”

Has the world gone mad? Seems so.


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