Thinking about my first, and only bike


My first and only bicycle during boyhood days was a J.C. Higgins from Sears Roebuck.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, particularly Christmas, boyhood experiences that grew into cherished memories always surface.

That bicycle became my swift steed in my arsenal and was a constant companion that took me worlds away from stick ponies and elegant corrals built in the back yard.

Those corrals held dozens of stick ponies that were hand made through tedious work.

The bicycle was corralled with a small chain and lock, and had to be registered and licensed by the city.

It got great gas mileage, too.

The bike and a makeshift saddle bag took me on scores of fishing and foraging treks along the banks of the Little and Neuse Rivers.

It also replaced walking to school as there were no school bus routes in our neighborhood.

My bicycle came at Christmas and after the holidays I proudly locked her up with the dozens of others in the school bicycle area.

She was also under a constant eye as we all sat in the nearby classroom.

Most of us made sure we got a seat that allowed us to see out the window.

On snowy days, I wondered if she was cold out there without a blanket.

It was only five blocks from our house to the downtown district and the three movie theaters.

It was a ritual to see bike and I headed out for the Saturday morning movie, usually Roy Rogers or Tarzan and some other idolized cowboy.

The bike also took me to other neighborhoods in town for summer vacation pickup baseball games.

The transition from elementary stick pony to pre-teen bicycle days had a profound impact on growing up as youngsters and was a tremendous booster in one’s confidence.

Little at the time did they realize an even bigger adventure was not that far away.

It was an adventure that required some maturity and certainly some responsibility that was actually a beginning to adulthood.

The days for stick ponies and bicycles were needed tools in adolescent years.

The elevation to the days of being introduced to operating an automobile and even owning one would soon arrive and were challenging ones.

The automobile opened up an even bigger world, but a car would never be admired as through the eyes of a youngster looking out of the classroom window to keep an eye on his bicycle in the parking lot.


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