The best banana sandwich


There are several preferences as to which of the dressings is the best to use for making a banana sandwich.

Some prefer Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, while others testify nothing even comes close to Dukes Mayonnaise.

Both are used to create this southern thing a lot of use grew up on and still hold sacred.

The bottom line is either one makes a fittin’ sandwich.

In reality, it is whatever floats your boat is the one best for you.

Slice up the banana in little round pieces and layer it between two slices of bread with your favorite dressing already applied and you are eating better than the Queen.

Some folks like to add peanut butter.

Others even put all the ingredients in a bowl, mash it all up and use it like a spread.

It makes it look like baby vomit, but once you get beyond that it sure does taste good.

When I was growing up, one of my uncles was a truck driver. He hauled a lot of produce out of Florida up the east coast.

Often, he would bring us a stalk full of bananas. The stalk was hung up on a screened-in side porch for all of us young’uns to snack on or make a banana sandwich.

Ever heard of a banana spider? 

I met one of the monsters in person and also watched it tangle at Waterloo with a large cast-iron skillet.

I remember walking by that stalk of bananas hanging from the ceiling, pulled off a banana and saw something fall to the floor.

It was one of those horrifying, hairy, creepy crawly, million-legs varmints.

I screamed and hollered for mama. 

She came running, and the rest is about the spider and Waterloo and my mama’s cast iron skillet.

I am fascinated by snakes and spent a lot of time catching them along the Neuse and Northeast Cape Fear rivers.

But, even today, I am terrified of spiders.

The childhood experience with that monstrous banana spider was most likely the blame.

Even today when I walk by a bunch of bananas, I look closely.

Just recently, I found myself in another situation with the banana, but the outcome of this was a great learning experience.

I had a craving for a banana sandwich and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few bananas.

I got all the ingredients together to make the sandwich, but discovered I was out of bread.

It was time to improvise.

There was a package of hot dog rolls on the counter.

That’s right, I used the rolls and the entire peeled banana fit perfectly. I didn’t even have to slice it.

By the way, I prefer Dukes Mayonnaise.

The only thing that disappointed me is why did it take so long to realizea hot dog roll makes the best banana sandwich?

Try it.


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