Thanksgiving, a time for reflection


The older one gets, the more thankful they become for merely waking up and participating in another day.

Thanksgiving this year was a quiet and peaceful one for me, and a good day for reflecting.

It was a great day to seriously pause and recall those who are no longer with us.

They begin to multiply as one gets older.

All of us remember close family members who have gone on – close friends, and even occasional acquaintances.

One way or the other all of them left an impression. Although they have gone on to another world the memories they helped make stay behind.

It was also a good time to reflect on childhood friends no longer with us.

There are also many places no longer with us – schools and neighborhoods and wooded areas that we played in growing up.

There were a few locals who died in Vietnam and they still stay in our mind.

Favorite aunts and uncles and cousins no longer with us still left the memory of them.

Everything changes with time, but the human mind has it all stored in memory.

While one life ends, others go on and on with memory-making moments that are molded and cherished and become more than precious.

Looking back and remembering is oftentimes as realistic as the moment it all happened.
Thanksgiving was more than a meal — it really was a day for being thankful for almost everything.

It was a day to reflect on those who are no longer with us, whether it was people, places or things.

Some of the most painful moments of the past are still memories.

Sincere thankfulness is almost godly.

Historians tell us about the Indians and settlers sitting at a table in peace and sharing bread.

Perhaps it was true or some wishful thinking, but it still sounds good and paints a beautiful picture in one’s mind.

The world struggles in all societies today, so sitting down together and sharing a meal certainly does create a feeling of warmth and togetherness.

It does not have to become a memory either.

It should be daily and for everyone.

But, perhaps that, too, is wishful thinking.

At some point in time we will all be at peace.


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