Strawberries, a delectable treat

Strawberry Nut Cake is a good way to use those springtime berries now in season locally.
Strawberry Nut Cake is a good way to use those springtime berries now in season locally.

They come in all sizes.

You can dip them in powdered sugar and either white or dark chocolate.

You can put them in a cake.

You can eat them with ice cream.

Or you can eat them raw.

What are “they,” you ask?

Strawberries, of course.

Soon, you’ll be able to buy them at a roadside stand or pick your own in a field.

Talking about a delectable spring/summer treat.

I can never get enough strawberries.

Once late April or May rolled around, my mom and grandmama always scoured the local grocery stores for the plumpest and ripest strawberries they could find.

Most of the time, grandmama cooked a cake.

Mom’s specialty was parfaits.

She’d wash and cut up the strawberries. She’d add them to a mason jar filled with granola and some yogurt. Once the jars were filled to the brim and sealed, she’d put them in the refrigerator until we were ready for our after-supper dessert.

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of yogurt, but the sweetness of the strawberries and the crunchy granola usually negated the always-bland yogurt.

Man, that was some good eating.

As I got older and moved away from home, I’d call mom when strawberry season rolled around.

I never had to ask if she had any.

But, boy, did she like to tease me.

“Guess what I got today?”

I always knew the answer and I’d joke around a little bit before I’d say “strawberries.”

“You want some?” asked mom.

“Are you kidding?” I asked as mom rifled through her cabinets for a bowl, knife and whatever else she needed.

Soon, she’d have them cut up, doused in sugar and cooling in the fridge. Once the berries produced their sweet juice, she’d take the bowl out of the fridge and search for a big spoon.

You know what came next?

I’d pull out the vanilla ice cream, scoop it up and plop it onto the strawberries.

I tell you, nothing tastes any better on a spring day.

Rudy Coggins is assistant editor of the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at


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