Silence those chronic complaints


It must be OK to complain, but why? 

Nobody listens.

Then it is pretty much a waste of time for all involved.

As folks get older they appear to have much less tolerance for the chronic complainers ­— even those who gripe about the way the pineapple topping was placed on the cake.

What an issue to whine about! What difference does it make?

Then there was a burned taste in the bowl of soup, but the complainer ate it all and then went back for seconds.

It was also a little salty, so he added another final attempt to whine about something.

Those listening to this type of complaining are dwindling, and any newcomers to whine are discouraged.

No one likes to be around those who whine about everything.

Can you imagine being married to such a creature?

One does not have to be in the fires of hell to feel the torture of it.

Folks who don’t like anything and complain about everything must have come from a different crib known to most of us.

These are the same type of people who blame their failures on others.

They are the folks who cannot hold a job.

They are the perfect people.

Know anyone like this?

If you find yourself in a small crowd anywhere at all, one of the holier than thou will surface.

They are the best swimmers in the camp, but scream the loudest when the boat turns over.

It does not matter what the situation or the issue – they have already been there and done that and know all about it.

We are going out on a limb on this one, because the other day one of the know-it-alls was talking about the latest weather issue – possible snow on the way.

He said there is no way, not around here. He was one of those from up north somewhere and had retired down here to soak up our sunshine.

This column was written several days before Sunday when the snow was supposed to come to our area.

The storm is coming out of the southwest – so count on seeing some snow.

We will see some of the white fluff, but just how much is in the hands of someone else.

And, even better than that, Monday is a holiday, so have fun, kids.

Hope it does turn out to be a day for snow cream, because telling the kids it is going to snow is serious business.


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