Miss the days of the ‘church key’


Remember the “church key” everyone used to carry around with them, especially the young people?

It was in the days before the quick lift tabs we see on cans today.

The church key opened the canned soft drinks back in early days.

It also opened other cans of refreshment.

Does anyone even have a church key today?

Look hard enough and you may find one somewhere in a cluttered kitchen drawer.

A lady told me one time to itemize everything in that cluttered, hard-to-close drawer you have, and then a week later if you have not used a single one of them, well, it is hard to do the rest of the story.

There are too many memories in that cluttered drawer at my house, even though sometimes if I open it too quickly it becomes jammed up and takes a while to get straightened out.

Everyone in the military at one time knew what a P38 was.

It was a can opener issued before the days of MRE’s — meals ready to eat.

I still have my P38 and I also still have my church key.

Use of the church key today would probably be best used for opening a door at church, but that is not what they were designed to do.

The church key opened a can with liquid, and that included a can of beer.

It was a “no-no” to have possession of one in my growing up days, but I learned quickly how to hide it.

Times were when we had to even borrow the one from mama’s kitchen.

It was war if she went to get the can opener and it was not there because mama was not born yesterday.

I think I will clean out that cluttered drawer that has not even been opened in years and see what is in there.

There was a little wooden device made to de-vein shrimp in that drawer at one time. It was made from wood from the deck of the USS North Carolina World War II battleship now docked in Wilmington.

It also had knife sharpeners that were on the market for a number of years and had claims of being the best ever.

Ain’t no telling what else is in that drawer.

I hid some money in the house one time, because I did not want my sweet thing to know I had it.

Wonder if it is in that cluttered drawer?

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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