Look, listen and learn


It is great to grow older and have the honor of looking back to see how stupid you were.

Many never have that opportunity.

It makes me feel good to have been right at the top of the bunch, and finally realize it.

Young folks know everything, but truthfully know absolutely nothing.

It takes the mistakes of hurting and wishing things had been done a little different.

From the beginning, a skinned knee teaches one to be more careful.

A bloody nose can teach one that conversation can often resolve the issue.

Time, one learns, can heal a broken heart.

Looking back, or “hindsight” as they say, always has the answer.

Most grow up and lose those obnoxious ways, but it takes others much longer and more pain.

Loud music in a public place and loud conversation that disturbs others is a clear signal to me it is time to go.

There are those extroverts among us that have to talk the loudest, laugh the loudest and have the loudest opinion.

Makes everyone wonder if they think they are in training for the national hollerin’ contest.

But, in reality, these folks are having fun, and the majority of those around them are wishing his mouth were touched with some gorilla glue.

Loud, boisterous behavior sends up a red flag to most of us that some home training is missing.

Perhaps some trips to the woodshed to meet a switch or a leather belt were also missing.

Kids have not changed, but many, many parents have failed with their classes on discipline.

Kids today are a reflection of their parents and it is hard to be disturbed by the behavior they were taught.

These are the parents who never grew up and have no respect for folks around them, wherever.

We see them in the grocery stores, on the highways, in the shopping centers or anywhere that folks need to buy something.

It is easy to consider the source and forget it, but turning the other cheek gets old after a while.

It is easy to gallop along with the gang, but it is clear to all that one day the gang will break up.

It is better to look, listen and learn.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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