Let freedom proudly ring


In a couple of weeks our nation will celebrate its 246th birthday.

That is a lot of years of hearing the bells of freedom ring and although the loudness of that sound seems to have faded a little in recent years, it still rings.

And, those bells ring everywhere from tabletops to mountain tops to rest tops.

Hopefully, we will all hear, see and smell the freedom before us.

It is the freedom our forefathers fought for and they proudly left it behind – the same bells that ring today.

Listen. Hear them?

They sound majestically from the seas and beyond as they move silently across the hills and the fields.

They ring beautifully amid the endless valleys, fields of flowers and in rose bushes and daffodils.

These sounds of freedom ripple into the plum, peach and apple trees from one border to the other of this great nation.

The bells of freedom sound softly across the streams, creeks and rivers as the waters flow with the melody toward the open seas.

Indeed, it is America the beautiful.

The bells ring proudly at the Sunday morning church gatherings, and even more so on a crisp fall day of the fall harvest celebration.

It is a time when the permeating smell of fried children is at its best.

Let freedom ring, ring and ring as a gift of the past to the present.

We are America and as we celebrate the glory of it all on July 4 it is imperative that each of us pause to understand and appreciate the ringing of those bells.

They whisper through the trees and gently add to the grandeur of the astounding sun – rises and sunsets given to us daily.

They echo across America, and at all points between, from sea to sea.

Let freedom ring softly in the ears of our children who will lead us tomorrow.

America, the beautiful, let freedom ring, and pray that the guiding hands in days to come allow us to remember this dream come true that came from yesterday.

Eat a hot dog and celebrate as you wish as the fireworks remind us of another time, but also pause within yourself to hear and see the sounds of freedom.

Pause, reflect and appreciate.

Ask the Lord to bless us again as we struggle in a chaotic world.

God bless America and the bells of freedom everywhere.


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