Get off the couch


Talk about a head scratcher.

Why have the unemployment benefits been extended?

Our local and state economy has been on shaky ground for 16 months, but government officials seem to think that paying people to sit at home is more beneficial.

Businesses NEED employees.

During a recent day trip to the Outer Banks, I came across numerous restaurants and businesses that operated short handed. One restaurant owner said he reduced his daily hours because of lack of workers.

Several businesses in Nags Head posted signs on the highway seeking workers and offering starting wages at $11 and $12 an hour. I stopped at a couple to inquire about the salary and was informed that most people weren’t interested in half-day (6-hour) employment.

You’re not willing to work at a business that’s open from sunrise past sunset every day at the beach?


Where’s my U-haul?

The shortage of workers is creeping up on us daily.

Without them, the production of daily staples that we need are starting to shrink and prices have risen. I can say from experience that groceries I purchase now cost more than I paid three months ago.

Certain restaurants have taken items off of their menus due to lack of availability.

When the virus first hit, I cut corners to help myself financially because I didn’t know what to expect down the road.

Here we are down the road and I’m cutting those corners again, this time to the quick. I can assure you that I’m not alone because I have several senior citizen friends who are at their wit’s end financially.

They’re all thinking about finding part-time jobs to supplement their social security income. One good friend is actually a Walmart greeter in a nearby town and loves it.

All these free loaders should be ashamed.

They’re not helping revive a crippled economy.

If they’re smart enough, they’ll realize they’re damaging their own financial future because if they don’t work, they won’t have anything banked for their retirement years.

How’s that for a deposit?

Rudy Coggins is assistant editor of the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at rcoggins@mountolivetribune.com.


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