Brown, Glaspie take home top honors


DUDLEY – Southern Wayne junior Ta’Niyah Glaspie and senior Kevin Brown took home the top awards during the season-ending sports awards ceremony held Wednesday evening.

Glaspie received the female athlete-of-the-year award, while Brown earned male athlete-of-the-year.

Coaches in 25 sports recognized more than 130 athletes for their efforts throughout the year.

Honorees were:

Cross country: Lehyssa St. Julien (most improved), Jabari Pearsall (most improved), Sophia Marshall (coach’s award), Matthew Blizzard (coach’s award), Nerchka Maxi (sportsmanship), Conner Whiting (sportsmanship), Elaina Lane (MVP) and Dylan Tyndall (MVP).

JV football: Noah Glaspie (most improved), Matthew Whitley (coach’s award), Jymere Lee (MVP).

Football: Daylan Kornegay (offensive POY), Tyquavious Williams (defensive POY), Malachi Bass (most improved), Eli Hulet (lineman of the year), Elijah Smith (sportsmanship), Wadshon Pierre-Louis (all-Quad County Conference, MVP).

Girls’ golf: Emily Webster (most improved), Georgia Fulghum (coach’s award), entire team (sportsmanship), Caroline Jones (all-QCC, MVP).

Boys’ soccer: Drew Bryan (all-QCC, defensive POY), Wilfredo Aldana (all-QCC, top scorer), Wilberto Sanchez (most improved), Alex Marquez (coach’s award), Edgar Castenada (sportsmanship), Gavin Simons (all-QCC, MVP).

Girls’ tennis: Aracely Perez-Barrera (rookie of the year), Sara Lopez (extra effort), Suzannah Faulk (most improved), Medjina Jones (coach’s award), Kaylee Brock (sportsmanship), Alivia Cox (all-QCC, MVP).

JV volleyball: Catie Schallert (most improved), Lesley Elizade (coach’s award), Karlie Lane (MVP).

Volleyball: Katelyn Gregory (top teammate), Taylor Lee (rookie of the year), Katie Toler (most improved), Anna Summerlin (coach’s award, sportsmanship), Allie Lane (all-QCC, MVP).

JV girls’ basketball: Naviyah Truzy (most improved), Iyahnay Warner (coach’s award), Mylie Hatfield (MVP).

Girls’ basketball: Nevaeh Hines-Bass (all-QCC, hustle & defense), Demia Mickens (6th man), Laci Capri (most improved), JaMaya Leach (all-QCC, coach’s award), Nerchka Maxi (sportsmanship), Ta’Niyah Glaspie (all-QCC, coaches POY, MVP), Jamaiya Bass (all-QCC), Elaina Lane (all-QCC).

JV boys’ basketball: Pablo Leon (most improved), Chandler Pennington (coach’s award), Dylan Tyndall (MVP).

Boys’ basketball: Chris McDuffie (hustle), Chris Carmon (top rebounder), Jymere Bannerman (most improved), Conner Whiting (coach’s award), Donshae Boseman (all-QCC, sportsmanship), Jabari Pearsall (MVP).

Cheerleading: Leslie Weaver (most improved), Kristasiah Jones (coach’s award), Makayla Smith (sportsmanship), Kalyn Aycock (MVP).

Girls’ indoor track: Angel Harmon (rookie of the year), Taylor Lee (Saint hustle), Jy’Asha Cousins (most improved), Quiniyah Stukes (coach’s award), Lehyssa St. Julien (sportsmanship), Ta’Niyah Glaspie (MVP).

Boys’ indoor track: Noah Glaspie (rookie of the year), Adam Cain (Saint extra effort), Kyrie Bell (most improved), Malachi Bass (coach’s award), Matthew Whitley (sportsmanship), Kevin Brown (MVP).

Swimming: Nolan Joyner (splash & dash), Nathan Joyner (senior scholar, co-MVP), Drew Bryan (coach’s award, sportsmanship), Amber Hutton (co-MVP).

Wrestling: Wadson Pierre-Louis (all-QCC, most pins), Caleb Shaw (hustle), Eli Hulet (most improved), Josh Kearney (coach’s award), Amaril Faison (sportsmanship), Daylan Kornegay (all-QCC honorable mention, MVP), Oswaldo Quiroz (all-QCC), Jay-Sheen Boyd (all-QCC).

JV baseball: Brayden McKee (most improved), Jake Coates (coach’s award), Tyler Odom (MVP).

Baseball: Drew Sweet (all-QCC, top hitter), Nathan Joyner (golden glove, sportsmanship), Alex Davis (most improved), Nolan Joyner (coach’s award), Will Pennington (all-QCC, MVP), Richard Noble (all-QCC).

Boys’ golf: Graham Jernigan (all-QCC HM, co-consistency, sportsmanship), Hunter Merritt (all-QCC, co-consistency), Anthony Culbreth (most improved), Joseph Strange (all-QCC, MVP).

Girls’ soccer: Sara Lopez (defensive POY), Allya Segura (offensive POY), JaMaya Leach (most improved, sportsmanship), Lehyssa St. Julien (coach’s award), Amya Smith (all-QCC, MVP).

Softball: Karlie Lane (rookie of the year), Anna Summerlin (all-QCC, pitching ace), Gracie Hinson (most improved), Jamaiya Bass (coach’s award), Laura Summerlin (sportsmanship), Allie Lane (all-QCC, MVP), Katie Toler (all-QCC).

Boys’ tennis: Robert Cox (rookie of the year), Noah Barrett (extra effort), Michael Ovalle (most improved), Drew Bryan (coach’s award), Hudson Hulet (sportsmanship), Aarron Whiting (all-QCC, MVP).

Girls’ outdoor track: Kyren Strong (all-QCC HM, rookie of the year), Elaina Lane (extra effort), Mia Glaspie-Leach (most improved), Angel Harmon (coach’s award), Sophia Marshall (sportsmanship), Ta’Niyah Glaspie (MVP).

Boys’ outdoor track: Angelo Maddox (rookie of the year), Malachi Bass (extra effort), Wadshon Pierre-Louis (most improved), Chris Carmon (coach’s award), Donshae Boseman (sportsmanship), Kevin Brown (MVP).


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