Beware of those mama bears


We are all aware of how protective and aggressive a mama bear can be about her little baby cubs.

But, guess what?

Human mamas can be just as protective and aggressive, if not worse.

If you don’t believe it, go to a little league baseball game where mama’s little baby boy or girl is playing and keep a close eye on the proud mama in the stands.

She is there for many reasons.

Do not, under any circumstances mess with that proud mama in the stands, because she will do whatever is needed to protect her babies.

It can really get nasty when two kids on opposite sides clash and one of them gets hurt.

That’s when mama comes flying out of the stands and often hair, skin, and blood appear on the scene.

You just don’t mess with a mama out there cheering her baby and the team on.

We have never seen any cuttin’ and shootin’, but it came close and probably would have happened had not some spectators with a little sense broke it up.

A young’un in little league play can do no wrong, and a mama in the stands watching her little one will go over the limits to defend it.

“No! Not my young’un! No way! He would not do that!”

She will scream and defend it to anyone around even suggesting different.

She feels like the third strike was a ball.

The line drive down third base was fair, not foul.

He was safe, not out stealing second.

“That’s not trapped, he caught it fair in the outfield!”

Do not make the mistake of not having her little baby in the starting lineup.

Oh, and according to mama, the umpire has been drinking, is on the take or about half blind.

The coach, claims mama, is the worst “we have ever had.” She will make sure he gets fired from the job and his job with the town.

“I know the mayor,” she claims.

A mama is a mama is a mama.

If her little baby slaps a home run with runners on she is all over the sidelines letting the world know “that’s my baby!”

It is the mamas, and sometimes the daddies, in the stands who usually cause the problems.

The kids are just having fun and unfortunately learning about behavior.

Perhaps parents should be required to have body cameras to keep their behavior under control.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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