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Family Living

Keep your family organized with these helpful tips
Follow these simple tips to keep your family organized and running efficiently.
Tips for making real, pure ingredients a part of everyday life
Look for these opportunities to incorporate plant-based, nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet.
Learn how to help college students take control of their health
College may provide the first opportunity for many young adults to make important health decisions for themselves. Learn how to help college students take control of their health.
Thinking of buying a puppy? You may want to think again
Most pet stores sell puppy mill animals. If you're thinking of getting a pet, here's why adoption should be your first choice.
5 tips to keep your family healthy and your house clean this school year
Keep your kids healthy so they get the most out of this school year.
Why nutrition is just as important for mom as it is for baby after birth
After baby arrives, all of the attention goes to him, especially when it comes to eating, but many moms may not realize how important it is for them to eat well during this critical time - especially if they are breastfeeding.
6 tips for a safe and enjoyable summer
Whether you're hitting the road or taking a trip to the local park, summer is time for fun in the sun. And when you're preparing for fun outside, remember that there are safety concerns to consider as well.
How 'big data' is changing your movie-viewing experience
What do movie-kiosk offerings, marketing campaigns and Godzilla have in common? The obvious answer is "the movie industry," but another equally important common element ties all three together: they're all the product of big data.
Make the big move less stressful for the 4-legged members of the family
When moving, you need to remember to make plans for the special members of your family - your pets.
Calling all junior chefs: Expert tips make cooking an enjoyable family affair
When kids learn to cook - from meal prep to cleanup - they gain valuable skills and make lifelong memories. Fortunately, inspiring kids in the kitchen is simple with a few expert tips.
Help kids get organized and inspired
With the right tools, creating good organization habits in the spaces kids use the most, is easy and can help prepare them to be more independent later in life.
5 things parents should be aware of when it comes to kids and digital devices
Kids are exposed to blue light from digital devices nonstop, and eye doctors are reporting a 50 percent increase in digital eye strain because of it.
Seven tips for a greener back-to-school season
You can ensure your family remains eco-friendly this back-to-school season with some simple tips.
Veggies galore? Make the most of your garden goodies
Growing vegetables doesn't end when they're harvested. Use these tips to share and enjoy your produce all winter long.
Wholesome snacks for back to school
The new school year shouldn't stop you from offering your children healthy snacks. Try these easy creations.
Fun fall fashions for the entire family
This year's fall styles feature denim for every member of the family, and they all come in some fun colors as well.
Safety essentials so you can enjoy the great outdoors
Learn what you need to pack to turn your outdoor adventure into an amazing summer vacation.
Hospice care: separating fact from fiction
Many people think that being on hospice means lying in a bed, barely conscious. This is just one myth about hospice care. Read on to learn other facts.
Smart tips to keep your student and their possessions safe this school year
Find easy tips to help your student protect their expensive technology during the upcoming school year.
Build a lasting memory with your backyard project
Looking for an amazing backyard project to do with your family? Try one of these.
Tricks for less mess and stress this summer - indoors and out
By tackling a few projects around the home now, you'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and carefree days ahead. Here are some simple ideas.
Keeping kids stimulated all summer can help prevent the summer learning slide
Try these six fun, educational activities to help your children avoid the summer slide.
A strong father and son-in-law relationship is important for wedded bliss [Infographic]
Establishing a good relationship with the in-laws might seem like a monumental undertaking. Check out these reasons why a strong father and son-in-law relationship is important.
Teaching kids to give back
Find out how you can encourage your kids to volunteer and give back to your community.
Balancing active duty and pursuing an online degree
Online degree programs provide flexibility that can help active-duty service members achieve the educational goals.
Simple, smart ways to spend less time on chores, more on fun this summer
Summer is short. Spend more time enjoying it and less on chores with these time-saving tips.
Game on: Kid tested, parent approved?
Video games can be a great teaching tool for kids. Here's how to pick ones that children will love while they're learning.
3 myths about microwave foods
Finding out what's true and what's not about your favorite snacks.
Living each moment of life with hospice
Hospice care is not about the end of life, but about living every remaining moment to its fullest. Here's help for choosing a hospice provider.
Why kids and nutritionists reject new school lunches
Find out how new school lunch restrictions may be denying your child important nutrients.
Vet-approved tips for keeping your pet out of the ER
Visiting a veterinary emergency room is a pet parent's worst nightmare. Here are tips to help reduce the risks.
The tween years: How to survive as a parent
The tween years are tough for everyone. Some expert advice can help parents cope with the trials of tweenhood.
Create a more natural summer with safe, effective household cleaning tips
Give your family a healthier, fresher summer with these tips for natural household cleaning.
Teenagers believe legalization of marijuana encourages experimentation and may lead to further drug use
With legalization of marijuana occurring in states across the country, it's more important than ever for parents to talk to teenagers about the realities of substance abuse.
Keeping your eyes (and tires) on the road
Learn what you can do to make sure you and your vehicle are road ready for a safe driving experience.
Parents, prevent heatstroke by never leaving a child alone in a car
One child dies every 10 days from heatstroke. Learn how to keep your child safe.
Good habits to keep teens safe on the road
Learn some simple tips to help teens stay safe while riding in cars.
Combining virtual and real-world toys into hours of fun playtime
Children often play with imaginary friends, but now video games are bringing toys to life for children to play with.
Tips to make outdoor play a priority this summer
Keeping your kids active and playing during the summer months is important. Here are a few creative ways to inspire families to put down the devices and get outdoors this summer.
It's time to acknowledge the ways dads care [Infographic]
New campaign reveals caring moments of fatherhood that often go unrecognized.
Tips to find great gifts for kids that will keep them engaged for hours
Finding toys and games that will capture and hold a child's interest takes a little bit of talent, some luck and knowledge of what's happening in the industry. Here are some tips.
Home organization starts with the right tools: How to get everyone on the same page
No home is truly in order if the people who live in it are disorganized. Tips, tools and tricks to get your family organized.
7 reasons your teen needs an annual checkup
With teens and parents leading lives that are busier than ever, it may seem hard to find the time to schedule an annual checkup - but don't forget that it's one way to help your teen live a healthier life.
4 reasons to make the move to a medical home
Find out what it takes to make a home a medical home.
Fight childhood hunger to keep kids healthy this summer
Many children who rely on free or reduced cost meals during the school year are at risk of going hungry during the summer months.
Prevent theft from being the story of your vacation with these security tips
Keep your belongings safe at home and on vacation this summer.
Seeing the USA? Summer travel that includes unique hardwood hotspots
Finalizing your summer travel plans? Thinking outside the box to find destinations that combine history, architecture and nature can make travel that much more memorable.
Teach your kids the value of money
Children who learn money management at an early age can grow up to be more financially savvy adults.
Save energy and money by catching these invisible energy thieves
Find out how to save money and energy on the items that cost you even when you aren't using them.
Home safety tips that put families at ease
Learn what you can do to keep your home and your family safe this summer.
Which life insurance do you need at each stage of your life?
Life has many stages offering challenges and rewards. Make sure your loved ones are cared for financially through these life stages.
Take these steps to keep your kid's information secure on school computers
Check out what you need to ask to make sure your child is safe while getting the most out of today's digital classroom.
Putting herself first: Easy tips to help women to focus on their own health
This is the perfect time of year for women to focus on their own health, especially as schedules slow down for the summer months.
Not getting through? How to talk to your guy about your health concerns
If your guy has trouble listening when you talk about your health concerns, a fundamental difference in communication styles and lack of information (not empathy) may be to blame. Here's how to communicate better.
Fun kids' activities reverse summer learning loss
Research shows students can lose two to three months of learning over the summer break, meaning parents should take steps to keep kids' math, reading and science skills fresh. Here are some fun ideas.
Health coverage is available that fits the family budget: Enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP is year-round
Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide free or low-cost health coverage for children and teens in families with low and moderate incomes. Parents and other adults may qualify for Medicaid as well.
Laboring under misconceptions: Epidural myths may keep women from reliable pain management
It's one of the most effective, safest and widely used forms of pain management for women in labor, yet there are misconceptions about epidurals.
5 easy tips for throwing the ultimate summer party
If you're looking forward to throwing a summer party but you're not sure how to get started, these tips will have you outside enjoying a warm breeze with your friends in no time.
Take the hassle out of moving your boxes to a new home
Moving is exciting and worrisome at the same time. Some planning and organizing can help take the stress out of moving day.
Essential swim safety tips
Summer is a time to be spent in the pool, however, that pool time can be dangerous for infants and young kids. Keep youngsters safer in the water with these tips.
Named your car? Then treat it like a good friend with these tips
Thirty-five percent of Americans have named their car. If you love it enough to give it a name, take care of it with these tips.
Expert tips for a delicious grilling season
Looking to bring your grilling to the next level? Try these amazing tips.
Add a burst of flavor to summer meals with grapes
Looking to add a unique taste to your summer dishes. Here's what you can do with grapes.
Craving an unplugged vacation? Secrets to keeping the family road trip fun
It's possible to keep everyone happy and engaged in the car on summer road trips -- without resulting to electronics. Here are tips for keep family road trips fun.
Best way to handle aggressive drivers? Model better behavior
While the majority of motorists describe others' driving as "aggressive," they are often unaware of their own discourteous driving. Modeling better behavior can inspire improvement in everyone.
Hot or cold, Americans crave coffee
Coffee lovers: investing in a reusable bottle feeds your craving while doing something good for the environment.
Home improvement tips to prepare for the summer storm season
Make sure your home is ready for whatever Mother Nature has planned.
Finding balance: creating functional family living spaces
With piles of paper from school and toys creating obstacle courses in the family room, parents wonder how they'll ever take back control of the house. A few experts share their ideas.
Have a 'PEP Talk' to help prevent life-threatening pregnancy complications
Discussing three of the most common, severe pregnancy complications and a simple way to raise awareness.
What's motherhood really like for mom? Learn how real moms feel about this important job [Infographic]
Motherhood is different than many mothers thought it would be. Learn how here.
Dare to dream: Feed your imagination to add flavor to life
Looking to create some new life-lasting memories, learn new ways to feed your imagination for the trip of your dreams.
Find the right tools to invest in a healthy smile
Looking to improve the health of your smile? There are plenty of things you can do right at home.
Kid-friendly foods that are also healthy appearing in restaurants across the country
In an effort to meet the growing demand among consumers for more healthful menu options, a number of restaurants are offering more nutritious and great-tasting menu options for kids.
The best budget-friendly baby gear buys
Find the perfect things for your baby without sacrificing your budget at the same time.
Don't be stuck in the heat walking on your feet: how to prep your car for summer driving
Planning to make that big summer trip? Make sure your car is ready with these easy tips.
Entertaining at home? These easy tips will ensure your place is guest-ready in no time
Looking to throw the perfect house party? Follow these tips to make sure your event is a success.
Create a safer environment for summer swimming fun
Drowning accidents tend to happen very, very quickly. The CDC reports that in most cases, the children involved were out of their parents' sight for less than five minutes. The good news: drowning can be prevented.
Life after the Olympics: Luger offers insight on balancing work, school and life
Everyone needs a plan for balancing work, home and school demands. A 2014 Winter Olympian shares her insight.
Lighten up summer with delicious salads and fun activities
It's easy to get outside for activities the entire family will enjoy and to revamp your eating routine to help the family shape up for the summer.
Learn what hospice care really means to patients and their families
Hospice care supports living all the moments of one's life to the fullest with dignity regardless of how much time remains.
Swings, slides, swimming, supper and stains: How to enjoy everything summer has to offer
Get out and enjoy the warm weather with these event ideas.
Diaper disasters to ketchup squirts: How to laugh through life's messiest moments
Mess and ick are an inevitable part of everyday life, especially if you are a parent, but they are also part of what makes life interesting and humorous.
Family turns grief into action; offers advice for raising awareness for a cause
Learn how one family is turning a tragedy into an opportunity to raise awareness for a rare genetic disease.
5 ways for borrowers to keep their cool in a warming mortgage market
The housing marketing is heating up. Find out what you need before you apply for a loan.
5 gifts for the modern mom
Looking for the perfect present for that special mother in your life? Here are some ideas you may not have thought about.
The 5 nutritional supplements that should be on everyone's shopping list
Hardly anyone gets all the nutrients they need from diet alone. Here are five essential supplements to help meet nutritional needs.
Colorful and creative outdoor activities for summer fun with kids
Take craft time outdoors! Instead of sitting inside at the kitchen table with paper, crayons, glue bottles or water color paints, bring the color and creativity outside for some DIY fun.
Sayonara snow gear, bonjour blouses: Tips for keeping your spring look fashionable and fabulous
Is your wardrobe ready for spring? Find out what you may be missing.
It's the season for sunshine, barbecues and big changes
Do you know the five most important questions to ask before you buy a car, a home or get married?
Easy ideas you can use to grow your child's imagination
Do you know how to grow your child's imagination? Find out.
Secrets for selecting hard-working spring beauty products
Spring is the perfect time for women everywhere to "plus up" their beauty routine with the most effective, hard-working products - especially when it comes to skincare.
The do's and don'ts, how to prime your credit score before you house hunt
What's the most important thing you need to consider when buying a new home? Hint: it's not location.
Beyond games: Tips for tapping tech for education
There's plenty technology can do to enrich learning and help kids develop new skills. The key is finding the right ways to use technology for learning, both in the classroom and at home.
How to be a sun-savvy super hero for your family
Protecting skin from sun damage is important throughout life. Parents can help kids establish sun-safe habits with these fun summer activities.
5 outdoor living trends that instantly turn a drab deck into a beautiful oasis
If your outdoor space is a bit drab, there's no need to fret. The year's top trends in outdoor living will transform any deck in an instant and create a space that is truly an extension of the home.
Safety tips to prevent summer fun from becoming a summer scare
No family wants to have summer fun turn into a summer scare. Consider these safety tips to avoid the extra dangers during this active season.
Make the most of summer: 4 easy ways to go boating
Boating is a popular American pastime. This spring and summer, don't get left on the dock and take advantage of the warmer weather aboard a boat.
Simple tips to keep busy families organized
Keeping your family organized is harder now than it ever was before. Learn how technology can help you and your family stay ahead of the game.
Career and technical training give students a competitive edge
Students who take career and technical courses are in high demand, and earn more than high school graduates who didn't take CTE classes.
Tips on transforming a dated condo into a hot property
Learn just how easy it can be to transform a dated condo into a hot property everyone wants.
Protect kids from dangers lurking online
What parents should know to protect kids from the dangers lurking in the Deep Web.
Is your child eating kid-friendly foods that support overall health and wellness?
Smart ways parents can get kids to eat healthier foods.
Parents: How to pick the right cost-effective technology device for your child's learning
Parents considering buying a chromebook for their children to use in school should keep these pointers in mind.
Education insight: 5 tips for conquering college later in life
Older students are no longer intimidated to conquer college later in life. If it's been a long time since you've been in a classroom, it's important to understand how modern educational changes are making getting a degree easier than ever before.
Picking the right camp for your kids
More than 10 million kids attend some type of summer camp. Here are some tips to ensure a positive summer for everyone as you look at camps.
Children's health concern: Every minute poison control answers a call about young kids getting into medicine
Children's health concern: Did you know every minute poison control answers a call about kids getting into medicine? Here's what you need to know about this growing problem and how to prevent it.
Have a delicious baking recipe? Share it with the world
Learn how your favorite breakfast recipe could win you amazing prices in Pillsbury's Bake-Off Contest.
Kick-start kids' summer with shoe-shopping tips for parents
When it comes to the health of your children, you do everything you can to help them grow up strong. Are you aware of the important role foot health plays in a child's overall development?
The new time to have fun and bond with your family: breakfast
Families are always looking for new ways to spend time together. Why not start your weekend off on the right foot with a little family time in the kitchen over a delicious hot breakfast?
Parents: Put the brakes on kids' summer 'brain drain'
Summer drains an average of two months worth of math skills from the brain of the average student, studies show. Parents can help halt "summer brain drain" by keeping kids' minds active with science, technology, engineering and math summer programs.
Healthy housekeeping tips offer a fresh approach to seasonal cleaning
Seasonal cleaning can be problematic for asthma sufferers. Learn what you can do to protect yourself during this season.
Modern technology rescues backyard pool-time fun
See how the latest technology makes owning a pool and cleaning it easier than ever.
Four out of 10 drivers don't know this dashboard warning could save their lives
Knowing the importance of correct tire pressure could help save your life.
What's the top learning style in America? Hands-on wins hands down, survey says
A majority of Americans say hands-on training is the hands-down winner when they want to learn something new in an educational environment.
10 tips to help your kid speed to good dental health with NASCAR's Greg Biffle
Getting children to brush their teeth can be challenging. No parent wants to struggle with their child every morning and night to ensure they develop good dental habits and a healthy smile. Consider these tips.
Smart shopping tips for budget-savvy baby boomers
While the economy is moving again, many Americans - baby boomers included - continue to realize the importance of good money management skills. Boomers are focused on making the most of their money by boosting earnings, investing more and shopping smarter. Here are some smart shopping tips for baby boomers.
Planning the perfect Easter egg hunt
If you don't have an Easter egg hunt to attend in your community, consider planning your own and inviting all the neighbors to participate. Here are some tips for planning the perfect Easter egg hunt:
Creating connections with children who have Autism
At its heart, autism is a disorder that affects human interactions. Families and caregivers are finding new ways to connect with children who have autism.
Fascinating facts about everyone's favorite sweet treat: Caramel
There are many confections available to satisfy a sweet tooth, but one that melts the hearts of many is rich, creamy caramel. Read fascinating facts about caramel's history as well as two new exciting dessert recipes.
Put a little 'spring' in your seasonal recipes
Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli offers three light recipes that are perfect for any spring get together. Which one is your favorite, try them all and decide.
Taking care of your dog's teeth: One more way to show you love him
Most pet parents enjoy hugs and kisses from their canines. But while your best friend is showering you with love, have you wondered if his teeth are clean? Or about how his dental health affects his overall well-being? Good oral care is as essential for dogs as it is for humans.
Get spring off to a fresh start with these easy cleaning tips
Seventy-two percent of Americans make spring cleaning an annual task, so use these easy cleaning tips to get your project started.
Get decked out with color
Wondering what one of the biggest trends "on deck" is this year? Hint, it is a colorful answer. That's because more and more people are choosing to add color with a waterproofing deck stain.
Car lovers: Take care of your four-wheeled family member
Your car is part of the family. Learn some tips to take care of this vital family member and keep it running as long as possible.
Rolling into spring: 10 dirtiest dogs in America
Easy do-it-yourself Easter: Fun Easter projects for the whole family
The Easter bunny is right around the corner, which means chocolate eggs, chick marshmallows and stuffed bunnies will soon be popping up around the home. Celebrate with a build-your-own Easter basket with the kids for some quality time for the entire family.
Baffled by birthdays? Simple ways to make your child's day bigger than Christmas
Here are fun and easy ways to make your child feel extra special on their birthday.
Sure-fire laundry tips to make your kids' clothes last longer
Taking care of your kids' clothing can be a non-stop, dirty business. All that running around, sliding into home plate and puddle jumping can wear out more than just your kids' shirts and pants. It can also leave parents feeling like they're constantly catching up on laundry and continuously replacing faded, stained or worn-out clothing. Fortunately, a few simple tricks can help make laundry less of a chore, extend the life of children's clothes and even your budget.
Flab to fit: The five money moves that can whip your finances into better shape
Taking control of your finances doesn't have to be limited to the first few months of the year - you can get started anytime. Here's how.
Kitchen makeover: 3 simple tips for beauty on a budget
If you're tired of looking at your outdated kitchen, but feel replacement would be impractical, you're not alone. In 2014, consumers will be trying to find solutions they can afford to do themselves. Check out these three DIY remodeling trends for simple and unique ways to refresh the most used rooms in the home.
Is your technology working for you?
For every new computer, gadget or service there are several different stages of ownership. Unfortunately, the first and happiest phase - the honeymoon - doesn't last forever. Eventually, devices can slow, services get outdated, and in the end, the ailing technology begins to work against you.
Wow guests with original wedding reception touches
Most brides have a vision of a beautifully decorated and themed wedding reception. Luckily, it is easy to achieve the wedding decor you see in your mind's eye with a few easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself projects.
Still need a great summer vacation idea? Go west!
Summer vacation season will be here before you know it, and to ensure yours is full of family-friendly fun, you'll need to move quickly and be creative. You need some out-of-the-box thinking, and a location that's dependably exciting, affordable and amazingly diverse. One word: Texas.
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