Who has Wayne County’s best hot dogs?


I have always enjoyed good cooking and respected those who put it on the table.

I came up the old-fashioned way — corn-fed and nourished with good ol’ down home cookin’.

I can also say I have been a pretty good cook in my day.

There are three things about food that make it fittin’ to eat: it has to smell good, look good and taste good.

If one of those three musts is missing, then it ain’t worth putting on the table.

Recently, on Facebook, I have seen some posts about Paul’s hot dogs. Paul’s is located at Rocky Point on Old U.S. 117.

Those of you around my age know about Paul’s Place and went by it dozens of times on the way to the beaches of New Hanover County and beyond.

The hot dogs were famous then and still are.

I am the first to admit a good hot dog today is hard to find, and get it straight — this is not advertising for Paul’s, but simply what years and years of eating them has told me.

They are good. The relish is just as famous.

Rocky Point, an extreme southern Pender County unincorporated community, was once everyone’s favorite place to stop en route to the beach.

It still is.

Paul’s never became victim to the bypass and interstate revolution that destroyed many, many small communities that once thrived along the U.S. 117 route south to the coast.

Everywhere you go and get in a discussion about food, folks say “you just can’t find a hot dog like you used to find.”

I’ll not argue with that, because I have many, many times over the years.

Back in my growing up days in Goldsboro, the best hog dog ever made came from Mitchell’s Cafe on North John Street.

Other eateries in the downtown district there — the Hot Dog Palace and Roy’s Lunch on Center Street ­— also featured some other good hot dogs.

All this about hot dogs came about when I saw a post on Facebook the other day about a Faison couple who had stopped at Paul’s Place for his famous dogs.

They even posted some photos of the dogs and its fixins.

It has been a lot of years since I have been that way, but an outstanding hot dog and some of that relish to bring home is well worth the trip.

One can find a hot dog at just about everywhere today, but what I call a good one that might make you want to slap your granny is another matter.

Anyone in Wayne County want to tell me where the best one in our neck of the woods is located?

I’ll treat if it’s good — you treat if it ain’t.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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