What about those shoes?


Surely, y’all have wondered about shoes you have seen left on sidewalks, streets, roadsides and even hanging from tree limbs and utility lines. Never did make any sense to me, and certainly is a total waste of someone’s hard-earned money.

In my days, kids were lucky to get a new pair of shoes once a year — usually to start a new year in school. We took care of them, too.

Some of the tossed-away footwear I see on the streets and roadways today ain’t cheap either.

I can just see it now. “Where are your shoes? What have you done with them,” asks someone’s curious mama in a stern voice and her hands fixed tightly on her hips?

“I dunno,” is a weak answer.

How in the world does one manage to lose his/her shoes?

I saw a guy hit beside the head so hard one time by a bully that it actually knocked him clear out of his shoes, and for quite a while he really didn’t know what happened to his shoes. (Or where and what planet he was on).

But ... why are these shoes, sometimes a single shoe and often a pair, being left by the side of the road or in the street? It is something that appears to have surfaced and really proliferated over recent years.

Curiosity got to me, so I went to my source in law enforcement for some type of explanation. He had some answers, and they fell right in line with some of my thoughts. He said it could be gang related-type messages or a message that drugs are available in the area.

I asked why in the world would a drug dealer send out a message that law enforcement would clearly understand? Again, and sad to me, my source’s answer, “You are right, but proving it in a court of law is another horse.”

Folks, we didn’t throw our shoes away when were growing up, and if there was something or someone in the neighborhoods causing a problem with the law, we took care of it. No, it was not vigilante justice. It was real, American justice, and it worked. It also got many of you folks where you are today.

I’ll add that some folks are implying the thrown-away shoes are somewhat of an artistic message. I can also deal with that, and I find the change of the times absolutely wonderful in most cases, but there are also developments that leave me and many scratching their head in oftentimes astonishment.

Your turn, but make sure your observations are right.

It is also appropriate to add this — God bless America, again.


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