Water/sewer assets management inventory study nearing completion


Completion of a current as-sets and inventory assessment study that has been going on for the last year and a half is ex-pected to be completed for the Town of Mount Olive within 90 days.

The study involves the town’s water and sewer systems and was financed by two grants

“We have been in the proc-ess of mapping and assessing the condition of every water valve, every fire hydrant, and every manhole in town so it can be put into a software system. It will allow us to assess the con-dition of all these assets,” ex-plained town manager Charles Brown.

He went on to say, “What will come out of the study, number one, we will have asset management software that will allow us to enter work orders on water and sewer projects and keep an update on asset condi-tions as work is completed.”

He said the other benefit will be the establishment on a 10 year capital improvement pro-gram.

It will put a plan in place to keep the two systems viable and working for the next 10 years, as well as a detailed review of what the costs will be, Brown said.

It will detail what will be re-quired over that period of time to make it all come together.

The study has been spear-headed by McGill Engineers.

The town manager said it has all been done with grant fund-ing.

The water study grant was through a $105,000 grant and the sewer study another $150,000 grant.

There was no local money required, but the town did pro-vide a lot of labor for the study as an in kind contribution.

The grants came from the North Carolina Division of Wa-ter Infrastructure.


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