Vote yes for proposed tax


Do yourself a favor and vote yes for the proposed quarter-of-a-cent sales tax increase to generate an estimated $2.6 million for direly needed capital improvements in Wayne County Schools.

No one likes taxes, but in today’s world it is part of the game.

The issue, authorized by Wayne County commissioners, will be on the March 3 primary ballot.

It is a tax fair to everyone and gas, groceries, and prescription drug purchases are not impacted.

Elected boards in Mount Olive and Fremont have both approved resolutions of support.

Wayne County has 27 schools in its system and keeping capital needs in line is an awesome task and even more often an expensive burden.

It is imperative in meeting the educational needs of our children that we go over the line to meet facility needs.

Approval of the quarter-cent sales tax hike is a step in that direction.

Authorities say some of the monies that will be generated from the tax will be used for increasing security in all of the 27 schools.

No one can question that need.

The tax hike is only a drop in the bucket to protect the safety of students and teachers.

No one expects a catastrophic security issue to happen here, but there were no expectations in other parts of the country, either.

And, the quarter-cent hike actually amounts to a quarter for every $100 spent.

Our children are our future, and it is incumbent upon each and every single one of us to step up to the plate when the need is there.

Overall, the hike pushes the sales tax in Wayne County from 6 3/4 cents to 7 cents.

Everyone pays, and that includes shoppers from other counties who spend money in Wayne County.

We need the best schools we can afford to provide, and while there are other major needs in our educational system, looking ahead to meet those needs is a breath of fresh air.

I began this with asking readers to do themselves a favor and vote yes for the sales tax increase.

Many of you will remember the late Franc White, the Southern Sportsman.

I watched his weekend sports show on WRAL religiously and it always made me feel good when he closed his show with, “Do yourself a favor and take a kid fishing.”

Indeed do yourself a favor and vote for the sales tax to meet school needs.

William Holloman is a staff writer at the Mount Olive Tribune.


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