‘One of the best mayors the town
ever had’

To the editor:

This is a little memo relating to the late Dick Lewis. In reading his obituary, I noted that there was an omission from what was printed. I suspect that many people either did not know or had forgotten the many contributions Dick made to his hometown.

Dick was not only a dedicated Methodist minister, but he was also a public servant dedicated to serving his beloved hometown of Calypso. He held elected office as mayor. I cannot recall all the other services he performed, but he was one of the best mayors the town ever had. I know, because I was town attorney during much of his public service career.

He was very forward looking and did all he could to bring his beloved town of Calypso into the 21st Century. As a minister of the Gospel, he had the insight to keep his moral compass well oriented. You could count on Dick to “do the right thing.” At the same time, he fully understood how to move the politics side of things along.

I guess, as the pastor of a church you learn how to do that kind of thing. I would hope that some time in the future a memorial dedicated to Dick Lewis would be erected for his public service.

Doug Connor

Mount Olive


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