Town’s south side fading away


To the editor: I am a resident of Mount Olive.

I am coming to you with this issue because we need help and going to our current commissioners is not working.

The south side [of town] is dying from neglect ­ poor housing, poor lighting, poor town services, vacant dilapidated homes and substandard conditions (which only increases the opportunity for more drug activity), broken streets, missing street signs and potholes.

We are fighting to revitalize our community.

If people can see the condition of the south side, other than the people that live on the south side, maybe the town board of commissioners will feel ashamed and help us get our neighborhood back up to desirable living standards.

People are moving away and not returning because of these conditions.   

We are a town. 

When people refer to this town it is Mount Olive, not the south side or the north side, so why are we not getting the same support on both sides?

I am not expecting a turn-around overnight, but I do expect a starting point. 

This did not just happen over night and not with just this current town administration, but has been going on for years.

What happens to the grants that we receive and the taxes that we pay? 

Is this what we want our town to be known as a “town divided, south side forgotten?”

Linda Boykin
Mount Olive


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