Town gets administrative review results


A detailed, four-month administrative review conducted for the town of Mount Olive by a representative with the North Carolina League of Municipalities has been completed.

Town manager Charles Brown, who requested the review, said he is in the process of setting up a meeting between the town board and those who conducted the review.

Brown said until that meeting is set he will not release the findings of the review.

The town manager said there are results that are not complimentary and “we did not expect it to be.”

“There are things in the report that we need to correct and many of them we are doing now,” the town manager said.

He went on to say while there are things in the report that were not flattering, it did point out things that need to be done.

The town manager made it clear he will not release to the public the results of the study until he has the chance to sit down with the board and go over the report.

He did say there are sections in the report that are confidential and deal with personnel.

“I am not sure if the entire report can be released to the public because certain parts deal with individuals, but the majority will be released to the public,” the town manager said.

Brown said he asked for the assessment, which is something new from the League of Municipalities.

“I have been here 13 years, and we have never had something like this. I think it is a service to the people of Mount Olive to have an outside source look at the way we are doing things and make sure it is done the right way,” he explained.


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