Town employees to receive virus training


A number of town employees, particularly department heads and emergency personnel, will participate in an online webinar provided by the School of Government in Chapel Hill that is aimed at smoothing the panic and providing realistic ways to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) issue.

It will be held March 24 at the Train Depot.

“There are several million people in this country today that have the flu. There is like 500 that have the coronavirus. I don’t want to overreact, but I think at this point in time the panic sweeping the country is worse,” Town Manager Charles Brown said.

“Again, I don’t want anybody to overreact to this and I think there is a lot of overreaction going on. Or goal is safety and we will certainly adhere to that goal, but right now we don’t want to overreact and panic,” Brown said.

“Anything that poses a threat to the citizens of Mount Olive, we are going to keep an eye on it.”


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