Town deserves slice of pie


I will make it clear from the beginning that this is in no way any kind of political endorsement for the current town of Mount Olive elected administration.

I do not do political endorsements of any kind.

It is an election year and the only thing I can say is make up your own mind as to who you want to serve you.

The mayor and three members of the town board are being challenged in the May 17 election. I remain neutral and professionally objective about the entire matter.

The current mayor and town board clearly show that what is best for the town of Mount Olive is what they want and right now they are pretty much on the warpath to get it.

I call it being on the hunt.

Currently, the hunt took the mayor, the entire town board and two top-level administrators up the road a piece.

They were hosted by Rep. John Bell (R-Wayne) one day last week at the NC General Assembly. They spent the day hobnobbing with him and a representative from U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis’ office in Washington.

Locally, the mayor and the members of the board have their eyes on the prize – grant money.
Mount Olive, in order to grow, must have the infrastructure to meet the growth.
Right now, it does not, and until something is done – growth is overlooking Mount Olive.

Our mayor and board members are working tirelessly to change that, but it takes money. Federal and state sources have it.

Thus, the hunt is on and our elected folks are showing determination to get what they want.

They are getting some direction from Bell and Tillis’ office.

State and federal funds are out there and eventually will wind up somewhere.

Why not have some of the pie coming into Mount Olive?

We lost a major expansion of the pickle plant to Goldsboro because the town could not provide the needed services.

Hopefully, such will not happen again.

Pat your mayor and your board members on the back for their efforts and the rough road they travel right now.

It is a difficult one, but hopefully some doors will be opened.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at


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