The story of my brother’s sudden death


Greetings from the Wesley Smith Chapel Community.

Yours truly, along with my baby brother, Ronald Ward, Dennis Ward’s wife, Belinda Jean Ward, Dennis Ward’s daughters, Mechelle, Michelle, and Sierra would like to thank you for the many phone calls, prayers, food, cards, your visits and support during the difficult time of my brother, Dennis Ward’s death.

As everyone knows, Dennis loved working. It was instilled in him through my daddy. The Wards are hardworking men, who love to work.

Dennis cut many yards and did construction work on many homes throughout Mount Olive, Clinton, Newton Grove, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Greenville and other towns far and near. He did what he loved to do and when the time came and he wanted to relax he and Cameron, his grandson, would go get some movies, cook something on the grill, get the other boys and chill.

He truly loved his girls and his grandsons. He would always call me at night or that morning saying, “Hey, my sister. Are you OK?” He would tell me where he was going that day.

A lot of people have asked several questions, like was Dennis sick?


What happened?

Well, as his sister, I’ll tell you. He went to Clinton Friday morning to take care of some business. He called me on his way back and told me he was going to pressure wash his house clean, work on the yard and finish cutting some grass at his house. He said that he was going to go to Goldsboro and pick up Bill, who is the young man that helped him work. In the mean time, the dialysis center called my sister-in-law asking her to pick up Ronald because he wasn’t feeling well.

I called Dennis back and told him to come to Ronald because he was not feeling good and said that Inez was going to need help with Ronald. In the meantime, she called a rescue unit to come for Ronald. His blood pressure had dropped. Dennis talked with Ronald and Inez and stated that he would make sure Ronald’s car got back to the house. Well, afterwards, Dennis and Bill went to Dennis’ house.

They were moving furniture and flower pots when Dennis passed out, dropping a flower pot.

My brother died from a massive heart attack doing what he loved to do — working. I told him all of the time to take a break, take a vacation, relax and enjoy life. I wanted you to know the truth from the 50,000 stories being told.

A special thank you to my aunt, Niecy Weeks, Dianne West, Stacy Lewis and Katholeen Galloway who were at my house as soon as Dennis passed. Yes, it was a shock so I’m asking for you to continue to pray for the family: Denean, Latisha, Sierra, Ronald, Belinda, his grandsons and yours truly.

Happy Birthday
  • Sept. 27: Eldress Brenda Wells, who turned 70 and was honored with a surprise birthday parade in Charlotte on Sept. 26 given by her husband, Dr. Donald Wells, and daughters, Bernadeen, Angier and Tonya. What a surprise it was for Eldress Brenda Wells with her mother, Eldress Velma McKinley, joining guests Eldress Jean Ward Joyce and her husband from Durham and visitors from other surrounding areas in attendance. Happy 70th birthday, Brenda. May God bless you to have many more, from your husband, your family and from Elder Kenneth Freeman and Vesta Freeman and the St. Luke Church family.
  • Also Sept. 27: Brianna Barnett, who turned 13.
  • Oct. 23: Evangelist Vondra McClain from your family.
  • Oct. 29: Clarice Rice Hart, from your aunt Velma McKinley and the family.
  • Oct. 30: Elder Frank Thompson of Columbia, South Carolina; Larry Young, a musician for Supreme Angel of Virginia; Breanna Vanhook Battle of Cary; and Dorothy Autman of Louisiana, from your God-daughter Schenita Davis Randolph and the entire family.

Elder Kenneth Freeman and the St. Luke Church family, along with yours truly, would like to wish each and everyone a blessed and happy birthday. Until next week, let us continue to pray for change.


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