That was my kind of snow


The snow that blanketed Wayne County two weeks ago was somewhat of a gift from the weather gods.

It left a memory of near postcard scenes, created little, if any, driving issues and made the kids happy.

It began falling on the Thursday night of the week, and resulted in schools across the area shutting down.

That gave youngsters a three-day weekend, and a full Friday of playing in the snow, making snowmen and eating snow cream.

There were scenes of some adults, or “wanne be young-uns again” playing in the snow.

It was my kind of snow - an artistic creation as it developed. It was also my kind of snow because it was here one day and pretty much gone the next.

There were no days of lingering cabin fever.

About the only issues were the moans of the little ones when the school make-up day was announced.

I got enough snow when I was in the Army and stationed in Germany.

We were out on annual training of all U.S. forces in Germany, and it snowed the entire week, day and night, and was brutally cold.

We were out in the field sleeping in two-man tents that were erected after digging out the snow.

It was warm in the military-issued sleeping bags, but as our entire company hunkered down for the night, the camp was overrun by West German soldiers.

When they came running through, hollering and screaming, they snatched tents up and carried them away.

They captured our entire company, leaving most of us sitting in the snow as it fell.

Naturally, we were embarrassed and mad at the same time.

The victors doubled over in laughter.

Needless to say, our first sergeant and our company commander were far from happy and went into a charade that redefined cussin’.

It was at that moment when I developed a near hatred for snow and cold weather.

The only comfort from that entire event was that some of the guys in our company even lost their boots when the camp was overrun.

I had my boots, but my half of the tent was gone with the wind.

We never did find our tent and slept in the back of my ambulance for the next few nights.

Even today, snow ticks off a bad memory.

I can live with seeing it fall, but I love seeing it melt quickly away.


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