Remember when?


Everyone sits back from time to time and lets their mind wander.

It is called reminiscing - recalling moments or incidents from the past that in most cases were precious and priceless.

Remember when your mama or granny wore an apron?

Winters were cold, summers were hot and spring and fall were described as being as close to heaven as one could get.

How about when bicycle racks were placed in front of the three theatres on Center Street in downtown Goldsboro?

There were also Saturday morning westerns at one of those theatres, the Carolina.

Remember the Candy Kitchen, the jukeboxes at each booth, cherry smashes and its operator Wendell Edgerton?

It was a segregated society. Younguns on the west side of town started school at Virginia Street School and those on the east side went to Walnut or Edgewood Schools.

How about the heyday of the railroad passenger trains at the train depot on Carolina Street? It was a beehive of activity as folks came and went.

Remember the days of radio? The Lone Ranger and Ozzie and Harriet were favorites of the youngsters.

Remember cutting up kindling wood for the stove and bringing in a bucket of coal or taking out a bucket of ashes?

How about picking what we called Easter Lillies for your teacher?

Remember chicken fighting on the playground at school or playing marbles at recess?

How about the daily menu in the school cafeteria of soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Remember the teen years and then drive-in theatres? Ever hid anyone in the trunk?

Do you recall those fogged up windows?

Don’t forget the days of Woolworth and McClellan’s and Kress in the downtown ­— or uptown area as we called it.

Remember roller skates with a key to tighten them up on your shoes?

Remember the days of the sling blade and the push mower, mulberries and bugs, green plums to fuel the belly ache and lighting bugs?

Recall walking to school — rain or shine or snow?

Recall your mama working on your rear end with a switch she made you find and bring in the house?

Remember riding your bicycle in front of your girlfriend’s house, hoping to get a glimpse of her and show off by riding with no hands on the handlebars?

Remember your first car, your first kiss and your first weekend trip to the beach without supervision?

Remember the bop?

Recall your favorite teacher and the one you disliked the most?

Remember the last name of your drill sergeant?

Memories made in our growing up years made your neighborhood the best one in the entire world, and reflecting on them from time to time is not holding onto the past — it is preserving it.

William Holloman is a staff writer at the Mount Olive Tribune.


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