Rage in America


I go out of my way to try taking everything coming my way with an optimistic attitude. There is always something good to come out of it all — the good and the not so good. But, we are bombarded daily with gunfire erupting in our neighborhoods, shopping centers, schools, public streets and churches.

Is there no end to this explosion of brutality — robbing and killing one another?

The streets of America run red with blood, and not just in the big cities. It is everywhere, and non-discriminatory. Law enforcement officers and innocent citizens, including children, are being gunned downed. Even our homes are being invaded and citizens shot or beaten to death.

What is wrong with this country, its leadership, and the people in it?

None of you have to be my age to remember when things were better, because day after day it gets worse. Where and when do we end it all?

We are at a point in the development of this country that change to end this nightmare must come now or we will be a nation to fall in the history books.

No one today sits as a family on the front porch, and few even sit at the kitchen table for a day’s ending supper.

We are a changed world and a people who have fallen off the path.

Personally, I sit in the privacy of my home, reading a book or magazine, and enjoying the ending of the day — but with a fully loaded handgun within reach.

This is no way to live.

Windows, once raised to allow the entrance of fresh air, are now slammed shut and under video surveillance. Front doors, once left open at night, are now slammed shut and partially hidden behind steel bars. We work and sleep and awake in fear.

There are no noises of children laughing and playing during a pre-dusk afternoon in the neighborhood. They are on computers nowadays, far from getting some dirt between their toes, mosquito bite welts or catching lightning bugs.

We are a changed nation of people who must find a way to change it again — back to where it once was. We need to make America great again.

Our children need to be children again and appreciate the smell of fresh air, the washed-behind-the-ears feeling of cleanliness, and, what it means to say “hello,” eyeball to eyeball. The war on drugs begins at home.


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