Protection is key to survival


Protecting one’s self, family and property is essential in the American way of life.

It has seen us through three centuries and more.

It is just as important today as it was the moment our forefathers set foot on this continent.

Today, in surely a different world than ever before, criminals carry a wide variety of high-powered weapons — handguns and long rifles, including the AR15 and AKC47.

Both are weapons of war.

Realistically, protection today with a handgun is little more than a laugh.

Do not go to a gun fight with a knife.

Criminals and those with evil intent seem to have no problem getting high-powered weapons they use to launch widespread mayhem and misery.

We law-abiding citizens find it almost impossible to even find the ammunition to use in what we have got.

Do not look me in the face and tell me I have no right to a high-powered weapon.

It is my constitutional and sensible right to protect myself, my family and my property.

It turns out, if reports are accurate, the shooting at the school in Texas was resolved by an off-duty border guard responding to a call from his wife, a teacher at the school.

He left a barber shop with the barber’s shotgun to rescue his wife and his second-grade child, and did so while passing idle officers on the scene.

In the end, he rescued both, then went back and took out the gunman, who had killed 19 children and two teachers.

If all this is accurate, this is the man who is the hero.

The villain is the idiot teacher who supposedly left a door propped open.

Every time there is a school shooting, the gun control advocates start screaming about outlawing the sale of assault rifles.

All it does is make them available only to criminals.

Does this make us law-abiding citizens the bad guys for wanting such weapons for protection, not indiscriminate killing of the innocent?

Hello, I am proud to be a villain, and will without hesitation unload the entire clip on you if you try breaking into my house to hurt me and mine and steal my property.

Gun control proponents, I respect your right to your opinion, which means I respect your right to be wrong — but look the other way and disrespect mine.

I have no intent to go out begging for my life.

Those who want assault rifles banned say they are weapons of war.

Cupcakes, we are at war.

The criminal and crazy element of our society have armed themselves for war and use them every day, while the “do gooders” say innocent citizens should not have such weapons.

The classrooms in this nation are there to educate those who will lead us tomorrow, but all of them have become potential battlegrounds.

Do not insult me by saying I can only have a pea shooter for protection. Those days ended in elementary school with rubber bands and spit balls.

If such gun control is your position, it is your choice. Your children and the children of others deserve better.

The sign at my house tells it all: “If you can read this you are not trespassing, you are a target.”

Don’t press your luck.

Re-read it and move on.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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