Protect yourself from the flu and stay away


Folks, when you get my age even the thought of getting the flu will become a big issue.

Currently, I am a COPD patient anyway, and an attack of the flu will knock me for a loop and further.

The last affliction blessed me with a weeklong stay in the hospital once they said it graduated into pneumonia.

Once the diagnosis settled in it was not a pretty picture.

Today, if I get around anyone who even slightly implies to me they have a cold, we immediately part company.

Unfortunately, there are folks out there who will not heed to the advice of stay home if you are sick. It is as disrespectful as it gets.

Right now we are peaking in the usual flu season, and if things could get worse, they did.

The coronavirus that is currently plaguing China, and spreading across the globe is and should be a major concern.

Flu itself kills a lot of people. Particularly vulnerable are the elderly who already have a respiratory issue.

Protect yourself.

I love chicken soup, but dieting on it daily for a week or more ends up as not my idea of a decent meal. And, that so called resting up in the hospital for a week surely does not give one any rest.

Time was in my younger days if I felt a cold coming on I had the best advice and solution the medical profession could provide: buy a pint of good bourbon.

From there, eat the best you can, take a hot bath, swig down in a single swallow about half of that pint, and get in bed under some heavy quilts. You will be well or dead the next morning.

It always worked for me in those days, but those days are gone.

The so called golden years do not provide such luxury.

Wash your hands. Use a little common sense.

I do not want the flu. Stay away from me.

Sick? Stay home. Drink down a half pint of bourbon and get under the covers.

If this remedy fails then you might be in trouble.

I still love chicken soup, but do not do the bourbon these days.

The best advice I can offer is protect yourself: wash your hands and stay away from those who will hurt you.

Stay away from those sniffling and sneezing and coughing.

William Holloman is a staff writer with the Mount Olive Tribune.


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