Nothing to say here


Ever draw a blank on a thought?

Form words in your head and they suddenly disappear?

Welcome to my world.

Columns aren’t usually this difficult to write.

Pick a topic, speak your mind and hit “save.”

Not this week.

It seems every thought, big or small, won’t develop.

The cursor blinks on my screen.

It’s silently teasing me to type something — anything.

The last week has been dreary.

Just any ray of sunlight has been a luxury, not a commodity.

Random thoughts continue to race through my head as that blinking cursor moves quickly across the screen to catch up with me as I type.

Just hard to find the words.

So much happening in today’s world.

All I can manage to do is write short, rambling sentences.

I’ve gotten this far.

I’m not quite ready to put -30- or ### at the end of this column. The symbols mean it’s complete and ready for my editor — well — to edit.




Thankfully, the computer is plugged up or the cursor would drain all the battery power from my lack of making it move.

My brain has stalled… again.

Nothing seems to flow.

Who would have thought that someone like me who prefers to speak up, when the time is right, can’t turn one single thought into a topic?

Even a short scroll through Facebook doesn’t help.

When that doesn’t jumpstart the brain, nothing will.

This is annoying.

Maybe that’s a subliminal message telling me to wrap things up.


Rudy Coggins is assistant editor of the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at


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