Nosy folk are just plain ugly


Most folks are naturally curious.

Some are just plain nosy and have no second thoughts about getting into other folks’ business.

It irks me.

If some folks spent as much time minding their own business they would have little or no time minding that of others.

No one has stolen my lollipop or tried to get in my business lately because my reaction is usually accompanied by a verbal exchange dressed with words you will not hear on the front row at church.

But, I have seen quite a bit of it recently.

Most of those who are guilty have abnormally extroverted personalities.

However, not too many weeks ago a woman as ugly as a burned biscuit barged in on a conversation I was listening to.

This was all without invitation to the conversation as she knew no one sitting there.

Finally, she got around to me and wanted to know why I am not married.

It caught me by surprise, but I responded by telling her politely my sweetie passed 12 years ago and when you have bonded with the best there is nothing left that is acceptable.

She didn’t want to accept that and tried to seat herself closer.

I got up and left.

It reminded me of a song years ago by Bobby Bare about a voodoo queen down in Lousiana.

Her name was Marie Laveau.

The song tells the story about her looking for a husband, but none ever surfaced to suit her until a dude named Handsome Jack showed up.

Marie went nuts and began the hunt.

Finally, Handsome Jack told her if she conjured up a million dollars he would marry her.

She conjured up the money, put it in a suitcase and gave it to Jack.

Then she started dancing around the room in glee, telling Jack she was getting ready for her wedding day.

That’s when Jack dropped the bomb and told her, “Marie, you are too ugly for a rich man like me.”

The name of the song was “Another Man Done Gone.”

It also reminded me of the story about Winston Churchill.

The British Prime Minister was known for indulging in the booze and at some function with royalty he was approached by a snobbish lady who told him, “Sir, Winston, I do believe you are drunk.”

His response: “Yes, madam, I am, and you are ugly. I will be sober in the morning.”

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at


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