Moms are precious angels


Many of you last weekend came up with ingenious ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, especially if you were separated.

A virtual dinner date, long-distance movie night or a Zoom talent show were just a few of numerous unique ideas you could do to make it a special day for those moms who play a significant role in your life.

Until two years ago, Mother’s Day was always a fun day for me.

I’d get a bouquet of 12 fragrant red roses, buy lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and head to my mom’s house.

I’d set the table while mom would finish making her good ‘ole sweet tea that could almost put you into a sugar coma. Well, not really, considering she had cut back on the sweet stuff… unless it was a kiss on my cheek.

We’d talk about what she’s done for the week.

Sometimes she wanted to do a little shopping after we had eaten a hearty lunch that usually required naps - mom in her favorite recliner and me on the sofa.

Depending on the weather, we’d either walk in the yard or sit in a swing underneath the shelter. Her feet never touched the ground, but somehow mom managed to rock it back and forth.

It’s a day I still celebrate, but cherish in a different way.

On Sept. 29, 2018, she lost her life in a head-on car crash.

I found out later that day and didn’t get to see her again until the evening before we laid her to rest.

Mom is one of my guardian angels in Heaven now. She’s there with my dad (who passed in January 2018) and my brother (who passed in 2008).

“An honest heart” might be the best way to describe my mom. She told you what she thought, whether you wanted to hear it or not. Most of the time, it turned out she was giving a life lesson that didn’t “hit” you until later.

Mom kept me grounded and helped me sort out problems.

There’s no doubt I miss hearing her cheerful and loving voice, our twice-a-day conversations and our “I love you’s” before we hang up the phone.

I think of her every day and can only guess what she is doing. She might be taking a stroll with my dad, teasing my brother, reading a book in her recliner or stroking the fur of our beloved cocker spaniel, Chase.

I know she’s at peace.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

I love you.


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