Living on false promises is not what we need


Everybody is important. Give us all your money. We will give you back what we think you need. If that is not acceptable, we will dispose of you.

Folks, simply said, that is socialism.

It boggles my mind that we have a presidential candidate with a socialism platform and makes no bones about it.

It is even more mind boggling that a presidential candidate with a platform of socialism came in second in the Democratic Presidential Primary last week.

Right here in Wayne County that candidate, Bernie Sanders, pulled in 2,329, or 20.11% of the vote.

Socialism may sound good and look good on paper, but even Hitler operated with if you tell a lie big enough and long enough folks will believe it.

Russia’s Joseph Stalin murdered millions of his fellow countrymen.

Those who supported Sanders must be both hopeless and misguided souls.

Someone once surmised that if you think you can live off the government then pause and ask the Native Americans.

Also, remember under a socialistic form of government you cannot own property.

I have seen socialism in action, and living on false promises is not what Americans want or need.

If you folks right here in Wayne County believe Bernie Sanders is the savior of mankind and will provide you an Utopian style of living then you might think the tooth fairy is giving out gold dollars.

The best way to get on your feet in this country is get off your butt, or miss a few car payments.

Americans in this country so far have made it clear they are fed up with giveaway government programs.

If you are not willing to work for what you need and what you want then quit complaining, because most folks don’t want to hear it.

Bernie Sanders appears to never have had a real job to begin with.

He recently peddled his propaganda during an appearance at a church in Goldsboro. It would have been a golden opportunity for him to share some of his wealth with his supporters ­— especially since he feels our current form of government needs to go.

He needs to go back to where he came from and stay there.

It was a shame he did not take those 2,329 voters, who supported him here in Wayne County, with him.

It would have been Vermont’s gain and our blessing.


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