Let's talk trash


Wayne County District 1 Commissioner Barbara Aycock wants roads in the county clean again.

She was named to fill the District 1 seat last November due to the death of incumbent Ray Mayo.

She hit the ground running and has not slowed down or gotten low on gas either.

In a recent interview, she commented that she has a new favorite color — orange.

It is the color of trash bags used in litter sweeps and in the sheriff’s department inmate roadside litter pickup program.

The new county commissioner and former administrator for the town of Fremont has already opened eyes and ears in spearheading a dire need to clean up the streets and roads of the entire county.

She is appearing before civic clubs and other organizations, and urging their involvement in the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) Spring Litter Sweep effort from April 10-24.

She is asking for everyone to become involved and be proud of our roads again.

She made a recent pitch for involvement before members of the Mount Olive Exchange Club.

The club pledged to partner with interested groups in the fight against embarrassing amounts of trash littering our roadways.

She also had kind words for Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce and his inmate road litter pickup program.

Wayne County legislative Rep. John Bell also seeks tougher laws for litterers and means of additional funding for enforcement.

We need tougher litter laws that bite deeply into the pocketbook and result in active jail sentences for those convicted. They should also be required to spend every day of their sentence picking up trash on the side of the roads.

Making them wear some kind of goofy hat or shirt identifying them as a litter bug should go along with the sentence.

Civic groups and churches and others should also pitch in. Citizens everywhere can make a difference — get license tag numbers of the litterbugs, report it and be willing to testify in court.

Up next, judges can help by throwing the book and the entire kitchen sink at those convicted.

Keep a pencil and note pad in your car. A photo wouldn’t hurt, either.

Realistically, everyone has a responsibility in helping to keep the roads and highways in our county clean.

Our waterways are in the same condition.

Commissioner Aycock has her head and her heart in the right direction. It is more than the routine political lip service I have heard for years and years.

This calls for a team effort — the general population, lawmakers, law enforcement and judges. No one needs to drop the ball.

Some home-schooling is also needed.

“Wayne County is our home. Let’s be proud of it,” Aycock said.

“Love it or leave it,” I say.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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