Let’s see some ID


What is all the fuss about?

A photo identification is required today for just about anything, except when you’re headed to the bathroom.

That might come later when all the fuss is settled about requiring a photo ID to vote.

Voter fraud runs rampant in this country today. There are too many doors cracked open and requiring a photo ID to vote would certainly help slam those doors shut.

Take a real look at what is already required of us, and I have not heard a peep about how wrong it is.

If you go to the ABC Store and buy some whisky or to your neighborhood convenient mart for a pack of cigarettes you will be required to show a photo ID. Open a bank account and you must show a photo ID.

How about applying for food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, social security, or even a job? All require a photo ID.

Try renting a house, buying a house, or applying for a mortgage. All require a photo of your pretty little self.

Bring it on. It gets better.

Buy, drive, or rent a car and you will show a photo ID for all three or be sent on your way. If you want to get married or get on an airplane you will show a photo ID.

The controversial issue of buying a gun requires photo identification. Rent a hotel room or adopt a pet and they ask for a photo ID. If you get a fishing or hunting license you must show a photo ID. Even a fun time of gambling in a casino requires a photo ID.

It goes on. If you fill a prescription or donate blood you must provide a photo ID. If you seek a permit to protest or have a rally you will be required to provide a photo ID.

Now, why all the fuss about requiring voters to cough up a photo ID?

I get sick of election after election somewhere in this country getting bogged down by suspected voter fraud.

I do not see a speck of the racism some allege will be caused by requiring a photo to vote in this country.

If the law says you must be 21 to buy a pint of whisky and in the liquor store you appear 16 to the clerk - cough up the photo ID. It is law in North Carolina.

If you are 62 and apply for social security, law requires a photo ID. Do it, or get out of line and let those who abide by the law move on.

No one today has time to play games with those who want to whine and moan about rules and regulations. They apply to all of us, except those who want to holler racism and not play by the rules.

Get in the game or get off the field. Go home and shut up.


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