Kids Speak at Carver Elementary School

If you taught a class which class would you teach?


Logan Knowles-Brock, 10

Math. I’m good at math and the other people aren’t as good at it as me. They need more skills.

Maddrey Long, 9

Science. Because I like exploring the world and seeing what else there is that can make it better.

Sincere Braswell, 9

Math, subtraction because it’s my best skill. And I could teach students some good things I know. I want them to learn to do it right with strategies.

Amy Gonzalez-Gutierrez, 9

Science. Because it can be cool stuff in science and make cool projects.

Kymora Darden 11

Math. Because I like strategies and it is a good thing people should learn.

Olivia Vann 10

Math. Kids should learn more because when we are older, we have to count money. Cashiers might cheat them out of money if they can’t count.


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