Is New Year birthday an inconvenience or special?


Perhaps it is a little early to be thinking about the start of a new year, Jan. 1. Normally, it is cold, cold weather in our part of the country.

Last week officially kicked off summer, but already we have been introduced to the heat and the humidity for which we are famous. I call it brutal summer.

Dream a little and look ahead.

Are babies born on the first day of the year really special? Or is it a date that is more of an inconvenience? The first born usually kicks off a celebration. A baby is a baby, and never should it be considered an inconvenience.

But, folks, all this hullabaloo about the first baby of the year showing up, breathing air and exclaiming to be a New Year’s baby is a little challenging to me. What is so special about it? Others are born on 351 other days?

Think about it.

The first day of the new year is only a week after Christmas. In my day, most folks were pretty much busted after Christmas. Today, I am confident, they spend the next 11 months trying to pay off the credit of the Christmas extravaganza that brought momentary pleasure.

It means a New Year’s baby suffers from day one — just ain’t enough money left to give new arrival a gift.

I was introduced to that many, many years ago.

You see, I was a New Year’s baby, and the first born in the county.

The reality of that is, in my day, folks did not look at it as an extravagant time and merchants did not provide freebies. I, along with any other New Year’s babies, grew up with that in my generation.

However, I recall with fondness, that my mother always tried to make sure there was a pineapple cake made for my birthday. It was something the other young’uns could also share.

A pineapple cake on Jan. 1 in my mama’s kitchen was better than anything a wish could bring.

There were years the cake was not on the table, but it was not the end of the world. It was a classroom lesson of giving is better than receiving.

My mother, long ago in Heaven, taught that. Some of us young’uns learned immediately; for others it took a while.

We are in the grips of Eastern North Carolina summer and that always brings brutal heat and humidity.

The next few months you will hear many, many times, “I like warm weather, but I sure will be glad when it gets cold again. Cold weather makes me feel better.”

The birth of a child on the first day of the new year is special, but realistically it is not among the best times of the year for getting a present on that birth day.

Think about this one: I have a friend who was in worse shape. He was born on Christmas Day.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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