Importance of census participation explained


A major portion of any federal funding to municipalities is based on information received from census data.

Census counts are done every 10 years. The next one begins in April of 2020.

The next census across the country is next year, but already Mount Olive officials are urging local residents to cooperate fully and fill out forms or whatever is requested.

“Participation is extremely important, because that is what federal funding is based on, and it is extremely important that people respond to it,” said Mount Olive Town Manager Charles Brown.

He reminds residents it is more than a population count.

“There are no hidden agendas and no immigration issues between the lines. It is nothing but a population count and federal funding to the Town of Mount Olive depends on how thorough and accurate that count is,” said Brown.

He said all residents are urged to respond and respond accurately.

He said residents should fill out the form as soon as they get it and send it back.

“Funding for projects in the Town of Mount Olive, which are badly needed, depend on completion of that form,” said the town manager.

The population here in the 2010 count was 4,734.

In Mount Olive, the media age is 36 years. Forty-one percent of the population over 15 years is married, 80 percent speak English and 9 percent speak Spanish.

Sixty-seven percent of the town’s population was born in Mount Olive.

Racial breakdown is 37.22 percent white, 50.15 black or African-American, and 9.6 percent Hispanic or Latino.


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