I never liked vodka, anyway


The current invasion of the Ukraine by Russia has now escalated to nothing short of horror for the fleeing population caught in the crossfire.

The fact that they are likely targeted intentionally by Russian troops, missiles and other weapons of war makes it even more disgusting.

In any case, it is war in Europe, and that is not good for anyone except those in it for the dollar.

The scenes we are seeing nightly on our television screens remind me of some of the same news coverage that came out of Vietnam.

It is difficult at this time to see who is supporting who, but there is nothing at all difficult to see who the villain is and the world’s sentiment.

The Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Now, the whole world, or it seems, is against Russia and whatever its intent.

Is this invasion the first step in a long-range plan?

Will it end when the Ukraine has fallen and its men, women and children slaughtered?

There is no comfort for other countries in the nearby region that could face the same.

Since the beginning, it has spread like a cancer.

World powers have moved in the right direction. They took the same action against Hitler and Nazi Germany when Hitler began his thrust for world domination and World War II was ignited.

Hindsight is not worth much, but now we can see that diplomacy in dealing with Hitler did nothing but allow him the time to move his armies in better position to wage an all-out war.

The Germans at that time were probably the best army the world had ever seen.

They were the best trained, fed, clothed and equipped.

Today, the Russian Army is not comparable to the World War II Nazi war machine, but they do have a leader who is thumbing his nose at the free world.

He may even be a plant whose mission time has come.

It is going to take strong, firm leadership to resolve this situation that escalates every day.

China appears to have backed off in offering humanitarian help, and hopefully the Russians will soon realize they are not a nation that can survive as an island.

The warfare we have seen up to this point is somewhat archaic in today’s world, and already it has crippled any chances of Russian support.

I never liked vodka anyway.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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