Highways are combat zones


Drivers in North Carolina, particularly those here in Wayne County, have got to be among the worst, if not the worst in the entire country.

Our highways have become near combat zones, frequented by licensed killers.

There is a long list of these people. They are speeders and bumper humpers, who are aggressive and weave in and out of both lanes in their haste to get nowhere in a hurry.

Others piddle along and constantly ride their brakes. Others never use a turn signal and probably don’t even know where it is.

It all adds up to a conglomeration of flagrant disregard to the laws of the road and a show of no respect for the rights of others.

It is often a nightmare of bumper to bumper insanity at an outrageous speed. Even calling it Russian roulette would not be wrong.

It appears a lot of folks have lost it or perhaps never had it to begin with.

The reality of this issue is it gets worse, and in many cases has crept into pedestrian traffic that appears to not place much value on their life either.

What is it that makes them want to walk in the middle of the street instead of on the sidewalk? In many cases they even do it on the highways.

It must be one of those special kinds of stupid we hear about all the time.

There are some drivers out there who would not hesitate to rev up the engine and stomp on the gas pedal.

Kind of hard to prove it was intentional in a court of law, and is somewhat surprising it has not already happened.

Common sense appears to have disappeared.

There has always been a certain segment among us who would not work, but when businesses are having to close their doors because of a labor shortage there is something tragically wrong in our country.

The more this overall display of no common sense, the more road rage becomes understandable.

It never resolves anything, but the reason behind it is becoming clearer.

A return to common sense and a respect for others is needed now more than ever.

It is as important as a return to the ABC’s.

We need to get along with one another, not ahead of one another.

Daily life is not a road race, but a journey fueled by stops along the way to smell the roses.

Speeding along on the interstate at 80 miles per hour with a car a few feet ahead of you and another closer than that behind you is not a scene for smelling the roses.

Maybe it is normal to some, but to others it is a combat zone.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune. He can be reached at wnh9326@gmail.com.


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