Heels have tools to win it all


One thing needs to be clearly understood before I go any further with this piece: I am, always have been, and always will be a Carolina (Tar Heel) fan.

Now, the time has finally arrived to find out who is really who and who is not in collegiate basketball. It is dubbed March Madness, and that is a pretty good description of the issue.

Place your bets folks because the stage is set for NCAA basketball tourney action.

We are and always have been the best conference in college basketball. I refer to the Atlantic Coast Conference; the ACC.

It has been that way since the early days of the “Tobacco Road” and Big Four teams and now those added during the conference expansions over the years.

Proof is in the pudding as we now see three of our teams selected as the top seeds in the national four brackets. Virginia, Duke, and Carolina have top seeds, and the other went to Gonzaga.

Remember Gonzaga? They are called the Zags, and the Tar Heels put the grab on them back in December with a 103-90 drubbing during the ACC/Big 10 Challenge.

Sure, the Zags have improved since that whuppin’. So have the Heels.

Early on, I am picking the Heels to win it all. Call it wishful thinking or whatever, but the UNC team has its act together at the best time of the year.

They have matured to become a smooth, cohesive group on the court. It takes a lot to win a national championship, and as I review the field of 68 in the tournament, the Tar Heels have what it takes.

Make the threes. Get the rebounds. Hit the free throws. Put all three together leads to letting the entire nation of fans watch us cut down the big net and take it and the trophy home. Again.

I am not a big fan of Duke, but I do wish them well in the tournament until they possibly meet up with us again for the real bragging rights.

Personally, I do not see winning a national championship by depending on one player. I will also make it clear that no one is going to stop Duke’s big guy, Zion Williamson. He will get his points and his rebounds. That is not enough when on the court with the best in the nation.

The Tar Heels have more than that. They are a team. A team wins the national title.

It is easy to cut the grass, but it takes other efforts to make it all look good.

Go Carolina. Go Duke. Go Virginia.

But, when it comes down to the end — go Carolina, and the rest of you, go elsewhere.


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