Hard, but weird times



These are certainly some of the hardest and the weirdest times as we see things surface every day we have never seen before.

How about that $1,200 “Trump Bump” that jacked up millions of Americans’ bank account?

This was seen written in the window of a restaurant the other day: “Toilet paper $1.25 per roll.”

Makes you have some thoughts about their food.

We are currently under an executive order to stay home. Many are complying and others are not.

If you are lonesome just go to the grocery store.

Called in an order for a plate to go and the sweet thang said it would be ready in 15 minutes. I waited 15 minutes, plus 45, and then got home and it was the wrong order.

On the issue of toilet paper, can anyone explain the logic in the hoarding?

Remember the days of the drive-in theatres? Now we have drive-in churches. The windows of the cars at the drive-in theatres were always fogged up, even on the front row. Probably not a lot of that hanky panky going on at the drive-in churches, even on the back row.

Interesting when the police chief tells a reporter there is a noticeable decline in criminal activity and he explains it is probably because even the thieves are not going to work.

The liquor stores are open, but the bars are closed. A cold beer would be good and I have no issue with sitting six or 16 feet away for compliance to social distancing.

A neighborhood friend said it seems good not to see another neighbor known for being nosy. He said she was peeping out through the blinds now.

Gas is cheaper than seen around here in a lot of years, but there is nowhere to go. Reopen the state and the streets and the highways and the price will soar by the hour or faster than a utility bill in the heat of summer.

Most folks have their “Trump Bump” by now. We are curious to see how long it will take for the whining bunch to crank back up as many will squander their money foolishly. They’ll be screaming again they can’t pay their rent, or their utility bill, or have no food for the younguns.

We are now in the seventh week of the stay at home order, and the number of COVID-19 cases here in Wayne County appear to be slowing down.

The total in the county on Monday was 635. Our problem has been the outbreak at the state prison in Goldsboro, where 465 offenders had COVID-19 as of Friday.

The best advice for all of us is to keep on with the social distance requirement and wash your hands frequently. It will take that to ease the restrictions that have paralyzed our state and nation.

By the way, the restaurant with the sign in the window that said toilet paper for sale $1.25 per roll was in Goldsboro ­— the city where no one, even the cops, have any inkling whatsoever about how to drive.


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