Happiness and good health


Here is to hopes of happiness and good health to all as we move into another year, facing unprecedented challenges.

There are many things we know we face and there are also some unknowns.

One hundred years ago Americans welcomed in 1921. They also faced unknowns and some issues still hang around today.

Here is a look back at 1921:

  • The first World Series baseball was broadcast on radio.
  • The first Miss America was crowned.
  • J. Edgar Hoover became assistant director of the FBI.
  • Ty Cobb became the fourth major leaguer to achieve 3,000 career hits.
  • Adolph Hitler became leader of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.
  • The longest home run ever recorded in major league history was 575 feet by legend Babe Ruth.
  • Police in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, issued an edict requiring women to wear skirts at least four inches below the knees.
  • The first U.S. air mail continental flight was made from New York to San Francisco.
  • The New York Yankees purchased 20 acres of land in the Bronx to build Yankee Stadium.
  • John Larson invented the lie detector.
  • Ku Klux Klan activities became violent throughout the southeastern United States.
  • The Chicago White Sox were accused of “throwing” the World Series and became known as the Black Sox.
  • Iowa became the first state to impose a cigarette tax.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt contracted polio.
  • A "Sleeping Sickness" killed 1,000 in the U.S.
  • Ellis Island in New York was placed under quarantine due to a typhus outbreak.
  • The Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Act was enacted and was the first array of social security. It was a federal appropriation of $1 million per year for five years to state aid programs primarily in rural areas.
  • Gangster Carlo Gambino entered the U.S. as an illegal immigrant.
  • The first soldier was buried in the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • The Emergency Quota Act was approved limiting the number of immigrants coming into the country.
  • Race riots rocked Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Gunfighter Bat Masterson died.
  • Diphtheria peaked in 1921 with 206,000 cases.

Happy New Year and blessed days ahead for everyone.

William Holloman is a writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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