‘God bless America, again’


Just last week most Americans paused to honor the veterans who — over the years of this country’s history — gave all in the efforts to preserve the nation.

And, just last week, President-elect Joe Biden told Americans the time has arrived to heal the nation and come together.

The unparalleled division among Americans has no place here and must be stamped out.

Nothing could be more meaningful and come at a better time.

It is somewhat of a comforting feeling to hear the newly-elected president call on the people of the nation to come together to work toward a badly-needed overhauling of a decaying morality among our people.

We must be realistic.

We are no longer Democrats, Republicans, Black or white — we are Americans.

Never in the history of our country has there ever been more of a need to come together than right now.

Unless something unforeseen emerges and some hard proof of voter fraud is uncovered, Biden is our new commander in chief and deserves the respect of the American people.

His agenda at this stage appears to be a total focus on bringing down the spiraling statistics of COVID-19 leaving death from sea to shining sea.

His call for healing surely left a warm feeling among all of those who love this country.

Division among us is at a dangerous location in the road and appears to be locked in that mode.

The time is here to heal those differences among ourselves and look for the best way to keep our country from the hands of enemies.

All of us did not support the president-elect, and that is the way it is done in a democracy. But it is all over now and we have a winner.

Even the little leaguers shake hands after the game and tell the winners, “Good game.”

Have adults forgotten how to do that?

There are too many important issues that need to be handled and handled without division.

It is time for all of us to get into the game or get out of the way.

A high school principal told dozens over the years as he sat in his seat, “If you can’t cooperate, we don’t want you.”

Those who do not want to see this nation turn itself around and become a unified people need to be told that and emphatically.

Not only has the time come to heal, but also the time is here for all of us to say “God bless America, again.”

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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