Giving government back to the people


Newly-elected Mayor Ken Talton had a wide variety of issues on his campaign platform, and he’s making headway on some of them.

He wanted some reorganization and public input in the town’s day to day operations, as well as some influence in the decisions made by elected officials.

The new Mayor has now named town commissioners to head up five different town advisory committees: beautification, problem housing, police, parks and recreation, and public works.

The new approach this time is citizen involvement.

He seeks four or five town residents to sit on each advisory committee.

In the past, it only involved a single town commissioner assigned to a specific department.

It was an arrangement that was completely ineffective.

I like Mayor Talton’s new approach, and I also like his comment at the town board meeting last week when he said, “It is a great opportunity for healthy communications.”

In today’s world, there appears to be widespread communication. Everyone wants something, but few are willing to communicate and compromise.

Commissioner Barbara Kornegay will head up a beautification advisory committee.

Commissioner Vicky Darden will lead a problem housing committee.

Mayor Talton will direct a police advisory committee.

He assigned Commissioner Dennis Draper to lead a parks and recreation committee.

And, Commissioners Harlie Carmichael and Steve Wiggins will lead a public works advisory committee.

The committees are charged with serving in an advisory position.

Mayor Talton told me he hopes to have great public input, and anyone interested in serving is asked to contact administrative assistant Sherry Davis at town hall, 919-658-9539, extension 1, to sign up.

This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion and offer your insight.

Don’t be a Monday morning, armchair quarterback. Get involved with the issue or department that gets your attention.

Diversity is the beginning of positive change.

Mayor Talton said in a public meeting several months ago, that changes were on the way, and now he is making good of that statement.

He has rattled some cages in the process, but all of us understand that rattling cages is usually a wake-up call.

Give back to your community and become involved instead of whining.

It is like voting: if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

If you don’t participate, don’t stand in the way of those who will and do.

Let’s all commend Mayor Ken Talton for this positive change.

William Holloman is a staff writer for the Mount Olive Tribune.


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