Flooding issue complaints filed against town with NAACP

Ball in the court of DOT and CSX


A number of flooding complaint issues filed by a local Concerned Citizens Committee with the Goldsboro/Wayne chapter of the NAACP against the Town of Mount Olive have apparently been ironed out after two meetings between those two groups and town authorities.

Still, NAACP chapter Presi\dent Sylvia Barnes said more “roundtable type discussions” are needed with others in an attempt to fix the problems.

Ms. Barnes said there are issues with the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) and CSX Railroad that need explanation.

A list of complaints filed by the Citizens Committee related to flooding issues in the south end of town.

The Concerned Citizens Committee is headed by President Robert King and Vice President Hobert Yates.

The complaints have been aired and discussed before in public meetings before the town board.

Four of the complaints, town officials said, are issues beyond the control of the town and involve streets and areas under DOT control.

The two other issues are currently being addressed, said Town Manager Charles Brown.

Issues included both sides of the intersection of South Church and Franklin streets are missing any kind of conduit, causing water to accumulate. Water is then forced into residents’ yards. It causes erosion of pavement as well.

Town officials said the streets involved are under state jurisdiction.

Another complaint involved culverts not installed at the intersection of Church Street and County Road, causing flooding in the parking lot at the affordable housing complex on County Road.

It also was an area under jurisdiction of DOT, town officials said.

Another issues raised was catch basins and pipes con-nected to the exit ditches along Franklin, Nelson and Hillsboro streets obstructs water flowing to exit ditches in the area.

Another complaint noted an engineering study failed to ad-dress the lack of drainage pipes controlling g the flow of water in the South Center Street areas of Franklin, Nelson, Hillsboro and Maple streets.

Another complaint said there are no conduits at the intersection of South Church and Nelson Street, which causes flood-ing during heavy rainfall.

Town authorities again noted it is a DOT jurisdiction.

The ditch on the west side of the railroad along South Center Street is overgrown, obstructing drainage, was another issue raised.

Another complaint was exit ditches and conduits in the area west of Center Street near a trailer park in the Kornegay, Kelly and Short streets area are completely blocked with shrubs and trees, causing the entire area to be under water during heavy rainfall.

Town manager Brown said the issues facing the town are ones problems that cost money to fix.

He said the South Center Street area is already being worked on, but rainfall and weather issues have prevented it to be completed.

The other issues under DOT jurisdiction and CSX Railroad, Brown said, are beyond the town’s control.

He did say CSX Railroad has acknowledged the South Center Street drainage issue and currently has it under study.

Ms. Barnes told the Tribune after the two meetings with town authorities it is apparent to her state and railroad authorities also have a role in the flooding problems.

“I think what we need now is a roundtabletype discussion with everyone and see if we can find a way to fix the problems,” she said.

The town manager said as far as he is concerned the “issue is closed and there are no more scheduled meetings.”

He also told the Tribune he has asked the Concerned Citizens Committee to put together a petition on the DOT issues and he will forward it to them.


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