FEMA: Dirt road at wastewater treament plant needs paving


FEMA authorities on a recent visit to Mount Olive’s wastewater treatment Plant made the observation that the dirt road leading into the facility needs paving.

The narrow, winding road is about three-quarters of a mile and floods during heavy rainfall.

Often, said town officials, it is almost impassable.

It is known as Wilkins Farm Road.

“During their visit here they noticed the road issue. It does begin to wash out during heavy rainfall and storms,” said Town Manager Charles Brown.

“They did mention that it might be a good idea to pave that road, but I am not sure FEMA will be willing to pay for it,” he said.

He did say it is something that will be looked at.

“It is in the works right now, but at this point we have not heard back from them,” Mr. Brown added.

The facility suffered major damage during Hurricane Matthew and a final settlement in FEMA recovery monies still has not been reached.


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